So you don't care

10 Mar 2012

But I do.

My long-time friend, brother-in-arms, co-worker and all-around-nice-guy(tm) Sebastian Georgi (@j3z_hh) had an apoplectic stroke last Saturday.

He's on his (good) way of recovery, and actually the docs taking care of him are quite amazed of his quick progress. But still, of course, it's a long way for him to get back to full health.

Also, today is his 30th birthday.

So I figured: With the worldwide community this site has, it would be nice to have people from all around the world to send him a birthday/well-wishes card on this special day.

TL;DR: Write I love you (or some other nice thing ;) on a postcard and send it to:

Edit 2012-04-16: He's back at work :)


Yang Zhiping wrote 2012-03-10 02:14:13 UTC:


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