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15 Jun 2012

Unfortunately, I waited with the updates of the Github API client until they ultimately killed API v2 earlier this week. Since this is required to fetch your data after successfully signing in to the Toolbox via OAuth, you currently won't be able to sign in to the Toolbox via Github.

I have the fix in the pipes and should manage to finish and roll it out within the next 32 hours or so.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

By the way, if you want to keep updated on current Toolbox news you may want to follow @rubytoolbox on Twitter.

Update 13:25 UTC: Existing users should be able to log in again. If you are trying to get sign in for the first time, it might fail, but I'm on it :)


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In order to continue, you must be signed in using your Github account.

If you're signing in using this account for the first time Github will ask for your permission to give access to your public user data to the Ruby Toolbox.

Although the Github Authorization page does not mention it, the request includes read-only access to your verified email address (user:email OAuth scope). This is neccessary so there's a way to notify you about comments, information about your accepted project edits and the like. You can review your notification settings on your account page once you're signed in.