The project is in a healthy, maintained state
This gem is called ascii_paradise. AsciiParadise is an umbrella project that allows us to gather ascii-related code, in Ruby. Note that the main focus is to find animated ascii, but we will also store some non-animated ascii - it really is an umbrella project. The main goal will remain on animated ascii though. Presently, we have 115 registered, animated ascii components in this project. And yet another project is ascii_box. This one allows you to display boxed-content, padded and centered in the middle. This may be useful to report configuration settings, such as key: value entries. There are some other additions, such as an animated pacman. Have a look at the file ascii_paradise.rb to find all of these elements, or look at the file in the test/ directory, which also shows you the examples. Note that you can randomly invoke one of the class methods by issuing: AsciiParadise.random That way you don't have to know the specific method-name.