The project is in a healthy, maintained state
This library is called colours. It unifies colour-related constants and methods, including R,G,B values for colours and the commonly known "HTML colours", such as "slateblue" or "royalblue" and so on. The RGB-related methods and the HTML colours, can also be used in applications such as the KDE Konsole. The HTML colours allow you to cherry-pick from more than different 100 names for colours. The primary goal for this project is to assist you for commandline-applications where colours may be needed. In May 2018, the project was rewritten and should now work better in many ways. Separate tests exist in the subdirectory test/ to ensure that the basic functionality for the various subcomponents of the colours gem do happen to work in a reliable manner. Some of these tests can output all HTML colours - from the commandline, for instance, this is also possible, by passing in the argument 'html_colours' or simply '1'. Example for this: konsole_colours html_colours This can also be tested from within the Colours namespace, via: Colours.test For more information, have a look at the link called "documentation", at the bottom right side of the colours gem homepage: