The project is in a healthy, maintained state
Cyberweb is primarily a tool-set project for the www, and secondarily a web "framework". It is of medium size, at about ~376kb, give or take, including the documentation, examples and a few base64-encoded strings representing small images. As a project, cyberweb is quite far away from being complete or finished. It is also not fully documented either, but I use it since several years to augment my own Ruby-CGI scripts. For these basic needs it works fairly well. While .cgi scripts are not that common to see past the year 2015, I consider them still to be extremely simple to use and I really love simplicity. If you need a framework that is more sophisticated, I can recommend sinatra and padrino. For more information about the cyberweb project, while keeping i mind that it is incomplete as-it-is, have a look at the documentation link towards the right hand side on the homepage of this gem, at: