The project is in a healthy, maintained state
This is the Diamond-Shell project, a project that tries to write a Ruby Shell, which should also be similar to bash, while offering irb-like functionality as well. As of July 2016, the shell is in maintenance mode and fairly unfinished. I will continue to add code here and there, polish existing things, improve the documentation but I do not have enough time to really bring this project up to a higher quality. The original aim was to serve as a replacement for e. g. bash one day. It is currently in a testing stage, not even early Beta - please keep this in mind when giving this project a try, as quite a few things may not be working as intended. (Or are flat out missing as of yet.) Several things have not been added yet, so a lot of it is a stub, it will require a lot more work. For the available options, do this: dia --help Local @ivars can be defined, such as via @foo = 'Hello World!'. This should now work as it does in irb. Other objects also work, such as @foo = (1..3) This is still somewhat limited though.