EngineY is an easy to use social network framework and portal implemented in Ruby on Rails that is easy to customize and deploy as your own powerful social media site or other portal type site. Empower users with their own blogs. Enhance collaboration with forums, groups and events. Let your users post Twitter-like status messages. Track all the activity on your site with a live activity stream. Build a custom client to access all of your social data using EngineY's RESTful API. Also includes integration with Facebook Connect to allow users to login with Facebook credentials. Recent additions include support for Themes, and Content Management. For project updates and information, follow the project on Twitter @engineyfw

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Christopher Warrington wrote 2015-07-07 20:49:55 UTC:

Do not visit this gem's website. It looks like it is taken down and it redirects you to a SPAM Malware warning page and freezes your browser.

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