The popularity rating of growlyflash explained

Github Repository Rubygem
The highest rated repository is rails/rails with 30890 watchers and 12525 forks, resulting in a Github score of 99.99 The highest rated Rubygem is rake with 105444790 total downloads
These are the references for the score, marking the popularity of 100%
Now, the repository for growlyflash over at tonissimo/growlyflash has got 1 watchers and 0 forks, resulting in a Github score of Now, the gem growlyflash has got 31178 total downloads
Therefore, the relative popularity percentage can be calculated for growlyflash
watchers & forks * 100% = 0.00%
99.99 top score
31178 total downloads * 100% = 0.03%
105444790 top score
The average of those two values results in the score:


So, assuming everyone is using the most popular projects,
roughly one out of 100 Rubyists use growlyflash

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