Bad news. The server hosting The Ruby Toolbox went bust on the evening of June 7th. While I do have backups, the original source code is in a very outdated state so I currently don't feel it makes sense to try and get it running again.

For the time being, here is a very stripped down version of the Ruby Toolbox's contents.

Update June 13th: I'd like to invite you to join the discussion on the future of the Toolbox on github. You can also get in touch directly on Twitter.

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Nesta is a lightweight Content Management System, written in Ruby using the Sinatra web framework. Nesta has the simplicity of a static site generator, but (being a fully fledged Rack application) allows you to serve dynamic content on demand. Content is stored on disk in plain text files (there is no database). Edit your content in a text editor and keep it under version control (most people use git, but any version control system will do fine). Implementing your site's design is easy, but Nesta also has a small selection of themes to choose from.

 Rubygem nesta
 Github gma/nesta