Community Survey

Published on November 05, 2018

Update 2018-12-05: The survey is now over. You can find the results published here

Hey everyone, I hope you're well!

As you may know Ruby Together is backing my work on the Ruby Toolbox with a weekly budget of 5 hours per week. However, this year I haven't used most of this, between my usual freelance work and family life, I'm not very good at moonlighting in my work on the Toolbox, and I want the trust put in my work via the backing to produce meaningful results for the Ruby community.

The good news is that since my current freelance project is ending in november I have some time on my hands to work on the Ruby Toolbox in a more focused manner, so I will spend december and january working on the Toolbox as my main project. On May 1st, 2019 the Ruby Toolbox will celebrate it's 10th anniversary and I hope to deliver some great new things in the run-up to that.

I have plenty of ideas I want to work on, but it's much more important to know how I can improve the Ruby Toolbox for you, so I have set up a community survey. Please take a few minutes to give me some feedback on what you would like to see improved, this will greatly help me in focusing my work.

If you are thinking about starting to contribute to the Ruby Toolbox this will also be a great time to do that. I will set up a community chat room and have regular "office hours" during the week where you can expect me to be reachable and available to answer your questions and discuss your ideas. I will make a separate news post towards the end of November with more details.