Find actively maintained & popular open source software libraries for the Ruby programming language

The Ruby Toolbox is a catalog of all Rubygems that keeps track of popularity and health metrics to help you choose a reliable library


To give you an overview of what open source libraries are available for a given task we group projects for common problems into categories.

The catalog itself is available for contributions on GitHub.


With our search you can find Ruby open source libraries beyond what is listed in our categories.

We index all Rubygems published on

Project Popularity

We sort projects based on their popularity in the Ruby community - Rubygem downloads as well as popularity of the source code repository on GitHub.

This helps to identify projects that have a big user base, which is an indicator of project stability, maturity and maintenance.

Project Health

We assess the maintenance status of projects based on recent activity like package releases, commit activity or open issue counts and display colored indicators based on that.

This gives you a quick overview of the health of a project.

Recently Added Categories 

Terminal UI

Components to build Terminal UIs

Command Line Utilities

Tools for using Ruby code on the command line

Code Review Tools

Utilities that help make code review more consistent and less error-prone by automating checks

Connection Pooling

Connection Pools allow you to share a limited number of active connections to external services like databases between multiple threads per Ruby process