New Landing Page

Published on January 09, 2019

Following shortly after the new custom project sorting today I'm happy to introduce a new landing page that I've been working on.

One huge takeaway from November's community survey was that the Toolbox should become much more welcoming to new visitors and explain it's purpose.

Previously site visitors were thrown directly to the categories list, without any explanations of what this actually is. To that end, the new landing page gives an overview of what this site is supposed to help you with and also provides a list of popular categories to make it easier to get familiar with popular tools of our community without being thrown into the ocean of the full categories list without further assistance.

The illustration for the new page is by Barbara Đokić. I think she did a fantastic job on that, thanks a lot Barbara!

This change is one step in the ongoing effort to make the site friendlier and more accessible. Another aspect I will be working on in the next weeks are guides and documentation.

As usual, if you'd like to give feedback on this a great place for that is the Pull Request of the feature. I'm looking forward to hear your thoughts!