Production database exports

Published on September 30, 2018

If you visit you can now download recent Ruby Toolbox production postgres database dumps.

The Ruby Toolbox dataset is interesting in that it combines a whole bunch of data about Ruby open source libraries from the Rubygems and Github APIs in one single place.

There's two reasons I decided to set this up:

Enable research into the state of the Ruby open source ecosystem

I hope making this data more easily available to everyone instead of having to query and link all of it by yourself from the respective public APIs will enable some interesting research into the state of the Ruby ecosystem

In the coming months I would like to put more emphasis on making it visible at a glance how healthy a project is, based on for example recent commit activity or the number of reverse dependencies of libraries.

If you look into the dataset and find some interesting aspects that should be displayed on the Ruby Toolbox, please open an issue for further discussion on Github!

Lower the barrier for contributing to Ruby Toolbox itself

If you git clone the Ruby Toolbox repo, you can now import the most recent dump into your local development db with a simple bin/pull_database.

The current Ruby Toolbox app relies a lot on having a reasonable local dataset for development, and I hope making local setup as frictionless as possible will help you to contribute to the Ruby Toolbox itself.