Metrics Documentation & Statistics

Published on January 24, 2019

Today I'm happy to introduce a new metrics documentation & statistics section.

As part of the ongoing effort of making the site more beginner-friendly all project metrics now link to a dedicated page that explains the purpose of the metric and gives guidance on how it can help choose a library.

To make those pages more appealing to all visitors the pages also feature statistics around the Ruby ecosystem, including charts that display the distribution of this metric's values as well as top project rankings. Which year saw the most new Rubygems? Which gems have the most reverse dependencies? How many gems saw their last release in which year? You can now find up-to-date answers to those questions on the Ruby Toolbox:

This addition continues the recently started effort of bringing more documentation and guidance to the site by making documentation a dedicated site section and bringing a sidebar navigation, enabling the easy addition and discovery of upcoming content.

As usual if you'd like to give feedback or have suggestions for improvements on this a great place for that is the Pull Request of the feature.