Alternate Project Display Modes

Published on January 31, 2019

In the recent community survey many users requested the ability to view project data side by side and improvements to the way project metrics are presented.

To that end today I'd like to introduce two new, alternate project display modes:

  • In the "Compact" mode only the most relevant metrics and links are shown, reducing the need to scroll and parse heaps of data to get a quick overview
  • In the even more reduced "Table" mode the focus is as well on key metrics, displayed in a concise table to enable getting a quick overview faster

The Compact mode is now the default for category pages on mobile devices and for search results on all devices. Of course you can switch between the different modes:

In related news as you can see on the screenshot the category bar charts are finally back. They were a popular feature of the old site and were often requested to be brought back - now they finally are :)

This addition also sets the stage for another upcoming feature that was requested in the community survey: custom project comparisons. Those should arrive sometime during the next week.

As usual if you'd like to give feedback or have suggestions for improvements on this a great place for that is the Pull Request of the feature.