API for Project Data

Published on April 29, 2020

I recently launched a projects API that allows to to fetch project information from the Ruby Toolbox programmatically.

Raw data access has been possible through the production database dumps for a long time, but this did not include calculated data like project health badges, and fetching and importing the database dumps also is a bit tedious.

Via the API you can now fetch this data for arbitrary sets of projects easily.

A simple API client is also available as rubytoolbox-api. In the next months I will look into providing additional tooling around this.

On another note you might have noticed that last month an issue arose that led projects to lose track of their corresponding GitHub repo and report it with a big red "Repository gone" badge. This has been fixed recently and all data should be displayed correctly again - sorry for the mixup!

Last but not least as you may know my work on this site is being funded via Ruby Together, alongside their funding of work on critical ruby infrastructure like RubyGems and Bundler, so if you're not supporting Ruby Together yet but are in a situation you could do so and consider their work worthwile, please consider becoming a supporter ❤️

Most importantly: Take good care of yourselves, your close ones and your not so close ones too through those strange times, and stay safe and healthy!