Hello everyone, I hope you're well!

It's now easier than ever to contribute to the Ruby Toolbox Rails application with a simplified setup using devcontainers, allowing to easily create a containerized cloud development environment using GitHub Codespaces or locally using the devcontainers CLI or the devcontainers VS Code extension.

You can find the pull request that introduced this on GitHub and additional documentation can be found inside the repository in .devcontainer/README.md.

This functionality goes along with another recent addition - partial production database dumps.

In development, it's useful to have a realistic dataset - however, with all the historical data the complete Ruby Toolbox production dump is quite large and takes a long time to import.

Therefore, I recently introduced partial production dumps which only provide a meaningful subset (all projects in categories and all categories, plus the top 1000 projects regardless of having a category, plus only recent gem download data).

Locally, you can simply run bin/pull_database to fetch the latest partial dump and import it into your local database, and you will immediately have a realistic-looking Ruby Toolbox running locally 🎉 This functionality is also utilized automatically for the devcontainers setup on launch.