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ripl is a light shell that encourages common middleware for shells i.e. rack for ruby shells. It is also a modular alternative to irb. Like irb, it loads ~/.irbrc, has autocompletion and keeps history in ~/.irb_history. Unlike irb, it is highly customizable via plugins and supports commands i.e. ripl-play. This customizability makes it easy to build custom shells (i.e. for a gem or application) and complex shells (i.e. for the web). Works on ruby 1.8.7 and greater.
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Ruby-Interactive-ruBy -- Yet another interactive Ruby shell Rib is based on the design of [ripl][] and the work of [ripl-rc][], some of the features are also inspired by [pry][]. The aim of Rib is to be fully featured and yet very easy to opt-out or opt-in other features. It shall be simple, lightweight and modular so that everyone could customize Rib. [ripl]: [ripl-rc]: [pry]: