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There's a lot of open issues
No release in over a year
FlexMock is a extremely simple mock object class compatible with the Minitest framework. Although the FlexMock's interface is simple, it is very flexible.
Low commit activity in last 3 years
A long-lived project that still receives updates
Spy is a mocking library that was made for the modern age. It supports only 2.1.0+. Spy by default will raise an error if you attempt to stub a method that doesn't exist or call the stubbed method with the wrong arity.
Low commit activity in last 3 years
Stubbing and mocking that doesn't hurt or suck. WIN.
No commit activity in last 3 years
No release in over 3 years
A fast, tiny (82 lines) hybrid mocking library that supports classical and partial mocking. Partial mocking mixes classical mocking with real objects. There's no monkey patching `Object` or copying. Mock objects are isolated leaving real objects completely untainted.