Split large data collections into subsets to display on multiple pages

A long-lived project that still receives updates
will_paginate provides a simple API for performing paginated queries with Active Record, DataMapper and Sequel, and includes helpers for rendering pagination links in Rails, Sinatra and Merb web apps.
The project is in a healthy, maintained state
Agnostic pagination in plain ruby: it works with any framework, ORM and DB type, with all kinds of collections, even pre-paginated, scopes, Arrays, JSON data... Easy, powerful, fast and light.
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There's a lot of open issues
Loads page content into AJAX sections with AJAX links, handling the details for you, load content with javascript into designated page containers. Supports multiple and/or nested AJAX sections. Designed to be easy to use, customizable, supports browser history robustly, supports AJAX forms and has many more features. Degrades gracefully when javascript is disabled.
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PagedScopes is an ActiveRecord pagination gem. It lets you easily paginate collection associations and named scopes. It also paginates collections which already have :limit and :offset scopes in place. You can also find the page containing a given object in a collection, and find the next and previous objects for each object in the collection.