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ScheduleFu allows scheduling events with dates and times.
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ScheduleFu allows scheduling events with dates and times. It includes both the model and view portions of a calendar. It currently works with Rails 3.2. See RSchedule for an example application using it.

To generate the ScheduleFu migrations, run:

rake schedule_fu:install:migrations


  • calendars: distinct calendar that can be associated with your own models
  • calendar_events: distinct event
  • calendar_recurrences: specific information on particular recurring dates
  • calendar_event_mods: modification to a particular calendar_event
  • calendar_event_types: different types of events
  • calendar_dates: has a row for every day and will automatically generate rows for a year before or after any date used in an event.
  • calendar_event_dates: a view that has a row for each date included in the event, original or modified information if a column was modified (time, description, etc), plus some additional informational columns

Informational columns in calendar_event_dates

  • added: true if this date was added as a mod and not in the original event
  • modified: for dates that are included in the original event but have been modified (time, description, etc)
  • removed: true if this particular date was removed (named scopes :removed and :not_removed available in calendar_event_dates)

Database diagram

The database diagram can also be found in docs/database.png along with the original Dia file.


This plugin borrows a lot from acts_as_calendar and calendar_helper.