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A Jekyll Theme built for developers


~> 2.1.4
~> 12.0


>= 3.5, < 5.0
~> 0.13.0
~> 1.5.0
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devlopr-jekyll - A Beautiful Jekyll Theme Built for Developers

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You can use Devlopr as a starter for building your own Site. we purposely keep the styling minimal and bare to make it easier to add your own flare and markup. (Under Active Development) !

Highly Customizable and No Hosting or Maintainence Cost is required !

devlopr jekyll

devlopr uses Markdown Files to generate data like Blog Posts, Gallery, Shop Products etc. No external database is required.

Launch your Static Site using Devlopr in minutes πŸš€

To get started follow this Tutorial

or if you want to try fast :

Follow this steps in browser (takes 5-10 mins):

  1. Fork this Repo with your name as
  2. Visit your Fork repo at
  3. Press "." in keyboard (this will open up vs-code editor in browser) of the repo.
  4. Customize config.yml file according to your needs (eg. change your Name, Email... etc.)
  5. Commit your changes, and push
  6. Wait for CI/CD to build your website. Visit Github Actions to see the build process.
  7. Once Ready, Your website will be ready at ✨
  8. Happy Hacking your new site ! For Local changes you can clone locally.

Local Development Steps :

Clone Locally:

$ git clone
$ cd your_github_username

For Linux : (Ubuntu 20.04)

To work locally with ubuntu, follow this commands.

Install Ruby :

$ sudo apt install ruby-full`
$ ruby --version
ruby 2.7.0p0 (2019-12-25 revision 647ee6f091) [x86_64-linux-gnu]

$ gem install jekyll bundler
$ bundle update
$ bundle install
$ bundle exec jekyll -v
jekyll 4.2.2

$ bundle exec jekyll serve --livereload

For Windows :

To work locally with windows machine, follow this commands. You might need to download and install ruby (with devkit) and git.

$ ruby -v 
(ruby 3.1.2p20 (2022-04-12 revision 4491bb740a) [universal.x86_64-darwin21])

$ gem install jekyll bundler

$ bundler -v
Bundler version 2.3.15

$ bundle update
$ bundle install
$ bundle exec jekyll -v 
jekyll 4.2.2

$ bundle exec jekyll serve --livereload

If you are using permission issues, running bundler:

$ sudo rm -rf _site
$ bundle update
$ bundle install
$ bundle exec jekyll serve

Start the server locally at or http://localhost:4000/

For MacOS :

Run the following in your terminal :

  1. Install Homebrew

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

  1. Install churby and ruby-install with Homebrew

brew install chruby ruby-install

  1. Install latest ruby version

ruby-install ruby

  1. This will take a few minutes, and once it’s done, configure your shell to automatically use chruby:
echo "source $(brew --prefix)/opt/chruby/share/chruby/" >> ~/.zshrc
echo "source $(brew --prefix)/opt/chruby/share/chruby/" >> ~/.zshrc
echo "chruby ruby-3.1.2" >> ~/.zshrc

If you’re using Bash, replace .zshrc with .bash_profile.

Quit and relaunch Terminal, then check that everything is working:

$ ruby -v ruby 3.1.2p20 (2022-04-12 revision 4491bb740a) [x86_64-darwin21]

  1. Install latest gems
$ gem install jekyll bundler

$ bundler -v
Bundler version 2.3.15

$ bundle update

$ bundle exec jekyll -v 
jekyll 4.2.2

$ bundle exec jekyll serve --livereload


We use codeQL and dependabot alerts for vulnerabality analysis & fixes.

$ bundle audit

Deploy your devlopr-jekyll blog - One Click Deploy

Deploy with ZEIT Now Deploy with Netlify Deploy

Github Actions

This Project has actions to auto deploy jekyll to github pages and firebase. The deployment target can be set by editing the DEPLOY_STRATEGY file. Valid values are:

  • none: default value. use this if you don't want to deploy the site.
  • gh-pages: deploys to github pages. This uses a custom action available in the Marketplace - Jekyll Deploy Action
  • firebase: deploys to firebase. Before you can use this you need to first create a firebase project here. You can signup for a Free Spark Plan. Then, in your github repo's settings, go to the secrets section and add the following:
    • FIREBASE_TOKEN: your firebase token. you can get this by running firebase login:ci with the firebase cli.
    • FIREBASE_PROJECT_ID: the project id of the project you just created

Demo (Hosted Apps)

  • Github Pages Demo - here
  • Firebase Demo - here
  • Netlify Demo - here
  • Vercel Demo - here
  • Heroku Demo - here
  • AWS Amplify Demo - here

Features :

Jekyll Admin

You can easily manage the site locally using the Jekyll admin : http://localhost:4000/admin

Jekyll Admin

You can check out for all changelogs here

Pull the latest changes

git remote -v
git remote add upstream
git fetch upstream
git checkout master
git merge upstream/master
git push

Using Docker :

Building the Image :

docker build -t my-devlopr-jekyll-blog .

Running the container :

docker run -d -p 4000:4000 -it --volume="$PWD:/srv/jekyll" --name "my_blog" my-devlopr-jekyll-blog:latest jekyll serve --watch

Using Docker Compose :

Development :

You can run the app in development mode : (your changes will be reflected --watch moded)

Serve the site at http://localhost:4000 :

docker-compose -f docker-compose-dev.yml up --build --remove-orphans

Production :

You can run the app in production mode : (your changes will be reflected --watch moded)

Serve the site at http://localhost:4000 :

docker-compose -f docker-compose-prod.yml up --build --remove-orphans

Stop the app : docker-compose -f docker-compose-prod.yml down Once everything is good and ready to go live -

docker-compose -f docker-compose-prod.yml up --build --detach


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.

Sujay Kundu

πŸš‡ 🎨 πŸ’»

Ryan Martin


Jack Wu


Iga Kovtun

🎨 πŸ›

Carroll Vance


Andrei Tenescu

🎨 πŸ’»

Raghwendra Dey


Daniele Santini





πŸš‡ πŸ’»

Blake Drumm


Blake Drumm


Filippo Barbari


Contributions are more than just welcome. Fork this repo and create a new branch, then submit a pull request

  • 1.Fork it

  • 2.Create your feature branch git checkout -b my-new-feature

  • 3.Commit your changes git commit -am 'Add some feature'

  • 4.Push to the branch git push origin my-new-feature

  • 5.Create new Pull Request

Support this Project:

Back this project by Donating to our Open Collective or if you like my workBuymeacoffee.

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For Help :

You can contact me, if you need any help via Email. If you like the project. Don't forget to ⭐ !


The theme is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License. You can do anything you want, including projects for your clients, as long as you mention an attribution back (credit links in footer). See the Licence file