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Drop Zone is a solution to the problem of restricted sales in censored markets. The proposal is for the design of a protocol and reference client that encodes the location and a brief description of a good onto The Blockchain. Those wishing to purchase the good can search for items within a user-requested radius. Sellers list a good as available within a geographic region, subject to some degree of precision, for the purpose of obfuscating their precise location. Goods are announced next to an expiration, a hashtag, and if space permits, a description. Once a buyer finds a good in a defined relative proximity, a secure communication channel is opened between the parties on the Bitcoin test network ("testnet"). Once negotiations are complete, the buyer sends payment to the seller via the address listed on the Bitcoin mainnet. This spend action establishes reputation for the buyer, and potentially for the seller. Once paid, the seller is to furnish the exact GPS coordinates of the good to the buyer (alongside a small note such as "Check in the crevice of the tree"). When the buyer successfully picks up the item at the specified location, the buyer then issues a receipt with a note by spending flake to the address of the original post. In this way, sellers receive a reputation score. The solution is akin to that of Craigslist.org or Uber, but is distributed and as such provides nearly risk-free terms to contraband sellers, and drastically reduced risk to contraband buyers.


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 Project Readme

Drop Zone Gem Version

Drop Zone is a Ruby command line client that facilitates trade and secure messaging between buyers and sellers, using nothing but the Bitcoin network. Testnet is used for communications. Mainnet is used for the storage of listings, buyer profiles, and reputational events.

[White Paper](Drop Zone - Whitepaper.pdf)


Getting Started

Install ruby 2.2.1 and corresponding rubygems and ruby-dev (Ubuntu/Debian) or ruby-devel (CentOS, Fedora) packages.

With ruby installed:

$ gem install dropzone_ruby

Find a list of commands with:

$ dropzone help

Online help for individual commands can be obtained like so (example for chat list):

$ dropzone help chat list

Fund a testnet key with tBTC or a mainnet key with BTC

Create a seller or buyer profile

Drop Zone

Author's Manifesto

To whom it may concern,

Markets are objects of censorship and always have been. There is a presumed division, that renders commerce distinct from the notion of free speech. But I will allege that the act of commerce is, itself, indistinct from speech. Where or how one spends their value is a decision as personal and poignant as any words ever spoken or letters ever written.

As a unfortunate consequence of freedom, bad actors will engage in repugnant trade that impinges upon the rights and freedoms of others. It is the job of humanity to cooperate and see to it that trade, such as this, becomes unprofitable. Whether it is accomplished through technological achievement or through the adjustment of social mores, or perhaps a simple appeal to the underlying natural law, it is not the job of bad acting third parties to force into hiding commerce that must be dealt with by means of an adjustment to the global, social conscience.

Cooperation, in the manner I was just speaking about, has never been plausible until the invention of The Blockchain. I will not foist upon Satoshi's humble creation such impracticable possibilities as the achievement of world peace.
But in approaching Drop Zone, I am attempting to do nothing more than what is possible and possibly more efficient than what exists. I wish for Drop Zone to be nothing more than an appendage to The Blockchain. As such, it is every bit as much Bitcoin as Bitcoin itself. Just as a fungible Bitcoin enables the exchange of spaceless value with near impunity, Drop Zone removes the ability of unwelcome parties from glancing over the shoulders of those in the act of an exchange, whatever it entails. This technology disrupts the ability of buyers to gain insight into the identities or movements of suppliers making supply chains far less vulnerable to disruption. It is this innovation that separates this project from all other decentralized market solutions.

Whereas Bitcoin forces us to consider the nature of money and value, Drop Zone will do the same for commerce. At its root, Bitcoin is a message passing system. Those messages that are passed, unlike any electronic message that's come before it, articulate value. Commerce is, and has always been, similarly inclined toward message passing. Whether in-person, over email, or through large, online shopping carts, fundamentally, commerce is composed of messages that are in service of the transaction wherein a final message of value is sent to a recipient in exchange for a negotiated good or service. As such, Drop Zone is a secure message passing protocol inasmuch as it is a platform for commerce. And while the problem is far beyond the scope or capabilities of the protocol in its most fundamental form, the observant might even see the tenuous skeleton of a full-fledged reputation system. Such a project is, in itself, as important and difficult as any facing this decentralized ecosystem.

I hope that Drop Zone lets us all dream of a day when no man will any longer be made to suffer indignity for simply engaging in unpopular or stigmatized commerce. May all commerce be created equal.

Today is a Beautiful day,

Miracle Max quia omnis qui se exaltat humiliabitur et qui se humiliat exaltabitur


  • The white paper expressed 8 digits of precision for the listing radius. This implementation instead uses 6 digits. If additional precision is later deemed necessary, a field can be added to the listing to accomodate enhanced precision
  • The white paper expressed pkeys (addresses) as being encoded ints. These are instead encoded as variable length strings.
  • The white paper expressed transaction ids as being encoded ints. These are instead encoded as variable length strings.


  • v0.1.2 - Cleaned up the chat listing interface (renamed communication to chat). Fixed issue with new session create
  • v0.1.1 - Addressed bugs in Listing find and buyer profiles
  • v0.1 - First Release