The project is in a healthy, maintained state
ethlite-contracts - ready-to-use (blockchain) contract services / function calls for ethereum & co.


~> 3.23
>= 4.0, < 7


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The Ruby Programming Language for Contract / Transaction Scripts on the Blockchain World Computer - Yes, It's Just Ruby

sruby - Small, Smart, Secure, Safe, Solid & Sound (S6) Ruby

sruby is a subset of mruby that is a subset of "classic" ruby.

For more see the Red Paper ยป

blockchain tools, libraries & scripts


  • elliptic-lite - elliptic curve cryptography from scratch / zero - start with finite fields, add elliptic curve points and point addition and scalar multiplications, add the elliptic curve digital signature algorithm (ECDSA) using the secp256k1 curve / group to sign and verify messages and more
  • crypto-lite - cryptographic secure hash functions and public key signature algorithms made easy
  • base32-alphabets - base32 encoding / decoding in 5-bit groups (2^5=32) with kai, crockford or electrologica notations / alphabets
  • base58-alphabets - base58 encoding / decoding numbers, hex or binary strings (incl. leading zeros) with bitcoin or flickr notations / alphabets
  • elliptic - elliptic curve digital signature algorithm (ECDSA) cryptography with OpenSSL made easy (incl. secp256k1 curve)
  • digest-lite - crypto(graphic) hash functions / classes - Digest::KeccakLite (512bit, 256bit, etc), Digest::SHA3Lite (512bit, 256bit, etc) in "100% pure" ruby "lite" scripts, that is, without any c-extensions and with zero-dependency
  • rlp-lite - light-weight ("lite") machinery to serialize / deserialize using the recursive-length prefix (rlp) scheme
  • abicoder - "lite" application binary interface (abi) encoding / decoding machinery / helper (incl. nested arrays and/or tuples) for Ethereum & Co. (blockchain) contracts with zero-dependencies for easy (re)use
  • abiparser - application binary interface (abi) parser machinery / helper for Ethereum & Co. (blockchain) contracts
  • abidoc - application binary interface (abi) documentation generator for Ethereum & Co. (blockchain) contracts
  • abi2ruby - generate ready-to-use (blockchain) contract services / function calls for ethereum & co. via application binary inferfaces (abis)
  • abigen - "high-level" all-in-one umbrella quick starter gem for easy installation & usage application binary interface (abi) code or doc(umentation) gen(eration) for ethereum & co.
  • abidump - command-line tool to dump / pretty print or (re)format application binary interfaces (abi) for Ethereum & Co.
  • abi2sol - command-line tool for application binary interface (abi) to solidity (contract) source code generation for Ethereum & Co.
  • abibase - command line tool / helper to manage application binary interfaces (abis)
  • solidity - (fuzzy) parser for (crypto) contracts for ethereum & co.
  • ethlite - light-weight machinery to query / call ethereum (blockchain contract) services via json-rpc (incl. tuple support)
  • ethlite-contracts - pre-packaged ready-to-use "out-of-the-gem" (blockchain) contract services / function calls for ethereum & co
  • etherscan-lite - light-weight machinery / helper for the Etherscan (blockchain) JSON HTTP API / web services (note: API key sign-up required)
  • ethname - light-weight crowd-sourced "off-chain" ethereum name to (contract) address service / helper (incl. punks v1,v2,v3,v4; phunks v1,v2, synth punks, punk blocks, etc.) - yes, you can! - add more names / contracts via git ;-)
  • ethers - "high-level" all-in-one umbrella quick starter gem for easy installation & usage for ethereum & co. (blockchain) contract services in ruby
  • blockchain-lite - build your own blockchain with crypto hashes - revolutionize the world with blockchains, blockchains, blockchains one block at a time
  • merkletree - build your own crypto hash trees; named after Ralph Merkle who patented hash trees in 1979 (the patent expired in 2002); grow your own money on trees
  • ledger-lite - hyper ledger book for the distributed blockchain internet era; add your transactions one block at a time; transfer crypto(currencie)s and balance the accounts
  • centralbank - print your own money / cryptocurrency; run your own federated central bank nodes on the blockchain peer-to-peer over HTTP; revolutionize the world one block at a time
  • tulipmania - tulips on the blockchain; learn by example from the real world (anno 1637) - buy! sell! hodl! enjoy the beauty of admiral of admirals, semper augustus, and more; run your own hyper ledger tulip exchange nodes on the blockchain peer-to-peer over HTTP; revolutionize the world one block at a time
  • cryptoquotes - incl. oracle tool to get a random crypto quote of the day on the command line - on the new new "in math we trust" ponzi economics - on get-rich-quick blockchain secrets - on bitcon maximalists, scammers, morons, clowns, shills & bagHODLers and more


The scripts are dedicated to the public domain. Use it as you please with no restrictions whatsoever.