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Getting Started

This project is a fastlane plugin. To get started with fastlane-plugin-dynatrace, add it to your project by running:

fastlane add_plugin dynatrace

About the Dynatrace fastlane plugin

The Dynatrace fastlane plugin manages uploading symbol files (iOS, tvOS) or obfuscation mapping files (Android) to the Dynatrace cluster. Symbol and mapping files are used to make reported stack traces human-readable. The plugin also allows to download the latest dSYM files from App Store Connect, which enables full automation of the mobile app deployment, and the pre-processing of dSYM files, a step that is necessary for the Dynatrace cluster to be able to symbolicate.

The plugin provides a single action dynatrace_process_symbols. The configuration depends on whether the app is (A) iOS and Bitcode-enabled or (B) iOS/tvOS and not Bitcode-enabled or an Android app.

For Bitcode-enabled iOS apps we recommend to let the plugin handle the download of the dSYM files from App Store Connect and upload to Dynatrace.


To get started, ask your Dynatrace administrator for an API token with Mobile symbolication file management permission . To generate the API token, go to Integration > Dynatrace API. The token is used by the authenticate the plugin into Dynatrace and upload the symbol and mapping files.

Add the action dynatrace_process_symbols to your Fastfile. You'll find all the configuration options and a default configuration later in the readme.

Now, when you run fastlane, the Dynatrace plugin will manage the symbol files of your app as configured.

Dynatrace Managed (1.195 and earlier)

For cluster versions 1.195 and earlier, the Dynatrace application 'Symbolication Client' has to be downloaded manually and explicitly specified (dtxDssClientPath). For all cluster versions above 1.195 it is fetched and updated automatically. A matching version can be downloaded manually with this link by replacing xyz with the 3-digit sprint version of your Dynatrace Managed installation.

A) Bitcode-enabled iOS apps

This is the right approach if your app is distributed via Apple's App Store or TestFlight and Bitcode-enabled. For all other cases, follow the approach B below.

Background: If your app is Bitcode-enabled, then the dSYMs that are generated during the Xcode build are not the dSYMs that need to be uploaded to Dynatrace. Apple recompiles the application on their servers, generating new dSYM files in the process. These newly generated dSYM files need to be downloaded from App Store Connect, processed and uploaded to Dynatrace.

Automatically downloading dSYMs

To fully automate the following five-step workflow, add the snippets below to the respective files and fill in the placeholders. Uploading the app to App Store Connect is a necessary prerequisite and either handled manually or by fastlane directly:

  1. Wait until the build is processed
  2. Download the resulting dSYM files
  3. Process dSYM files into the format that Dynatrace requires
  4. Upload processed dSYM files to Dynatrace


	appId: "<Dynatrace application ID>",
	apitoken: "<Dynatrace API token>",
	os: "ios",
	bundleId: "<CFBundlebundleId>",
	versionStr: "<Build Number (CFBundleVersion)>",
	version: "<App Version (CFBundleShortVersionString)>",
	server: "<Dynatrace Environment URL>",
	downloadDsyms: true

Waiting time between app upload and dSYM file download

After a completed upload to App Store Connect, there is some waiting time before the dSYM files are ready to be downloaded. The Dynatrace fastlane plugin waits and downloads the symbol files if setting the waitForDsymProcessing is true and a waiting period is provided via waitForDsymProcessingTimeout. We recommend 1800 seconds (30 mins) as the default waiting time. In our experience, this is sufficiently long for the processing to happen. If this duration is not long enough, you need to increase it.

Note: this timeout is the maximum waiting time. If the symbol files are ready sooner, the plugin will continue to the download and will not wait for the whole duration of the timeout.

B) Not Bitcode-enabled iOS/tvOS apps or Android apps

If at least one of the following conditions is true, you should follow this approach:

  • not using Bitcode for your iOS/tvOS app
  • already downloaded the new symbol files from App Store Connect manually
  • deploy an Android app


Use the parameter symbolsfile to provide a relative path to the symbols file.

	appId: "<Dynatrace application ID>",
	apitoken: "<Dynatrace API Token>",
	os: "<ios>, <tvos> or <android>",
	bundleId: "<CFBundlebundleId (iOS, tvOS) / package (Android)>",
	versionStr: "<CFBundleShortVersionString (iOS, tvOS) / versionName (Android)>",
	version: "<CFBundleVersion (iOS, tvOS) / versionCode (Android)>",
	server: "<Dynatrace Environment URL>",
	symbolsfile: "<Symbols File Path>"

List of all Parameters

Key Description default value
action (iOS/tvOS only) Action to be performed by DTXDssClient (upload or decode). upload
downloadDsyms (iOS/tvOS only) Download the dSYMs from App Store Connect. false
waitForDsymProcessing (iOS/tvOS only) Wait for dSYM processing to be finished. true
waitForDsymProcessingTimeout (iOS/tvOS only) Timeout in seconds to wait for the dSYMs be downloadable. 1800
username (iOS/tvOS only) The username/AppleID to use to download the dSYMs. Alternatively you can specify this in your AppFile as apple_id.
os The type of the symbol files, either ios, tvOS or android.
apitoken Dynatrace API token with mobile symbolication permissions.
dtxDssClientPath (DEPRECATED) The path to your DTXDssClient. The DTXDssClient is downloaded and updated automatically, unless this key is set.
appID The application ID you get from your Dynatrace environment.
bundleId The CFBundlebundleId (iOS, tvOS) / package (Android) of the application. Alternatively you can specify this in your AppFile as app_identifier.
versionStr The CFBundleShortVersionString (iOS, tvOS) / versionName (Android)
version The CFBundleVersion (iOS, tvOS) / versionCode (Android). Is also used for the dSYM download.
symbolsfile Path to the dSYM file to be processed. If downloadDsyms is set, this is only a fallback.
server The API endpoint for the Dynatrace environment (e.g. or
cleanBuildArtifacts Clean build artifacts after processing. true
tempdir (OPTIONAL) Custom temporary directory for the DTXDssClient. The plugin does not take care of cleaning this directory.
debugMode Enable debug logging. false

Fastlane Session

The full documentation for this can be found on the fastlane docs under spaceauth.

You can generate a session by running fastlane spaceauth -u on your machine and copy the output into an environment variable FASTLANE_SESSION on the target system (e.g. CI).


  • Session is only valid for the "region" you created it in. If your CI is in a different geographical location, the authentication might fail
  • Generated sessions are valid for up to one month. Apple's API doesn't specify details about that, so it is only noticable by a failing build


Try it by cloning the repo, running fastlane install_plugins and bundle exec fastlane test.


This plugin includes a set of RSpec unit tests, which can be executed by running bundle exec rspec spec.

Issues and Feedback

For any other issues and feedback about this plugin, please submit it to this repository or contact Dynatrace Support.


If you have trouble using plugins, check out the Plugins Troubleshooting guide.

Using fastlane Plugins

For more information about how the fastlane plugin system works, check out the Plugins documentation.

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