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Open source Rails based content management that works.
 Project Readme


Ansuz is an open source Content Management System built in Ruby on Rails. It aims for a modular / plugin-based design, and should have more features out of the box than any other Rails CMS we’re aware of.

By combining the CMSes of Isshen Solutions and Isotope 11, we plan to create a best-of-breed technology suitable for production use on a myriad of sites. Ansuz is licensed via the BSD license.

Quick Start

  1. clone from github: git clone git://
  2. install gems: sudo rake gems:install
  3. create proper config/database.yml (note: install script supports this, but db script creation is bugged, so should be done externally from the script)
  4. create databases for development & test environments (note: install script is currently bugged for this)
  5. rake ansuz:install

NOTE: SQLite has problems with ansuz, please don't use it for now.

NOTE: See the Ansuz Site Launcher

If run with sudo on a server with passenger set up and all the gems already installed, it will check out a new ansuz and set up a fresh database for it and set up a vhost for the domain specified. So, then if that domain points to the server, Bam! Done.

This software is BSD licensed. See the COPYING file for details.

For help, feel free to contact the authors at Our Google Gorup, or individually:

  • josh at
  • james at
  • adam at

Physical Address

Isotope 11, Inc. 600 Beacon Parkway Suite 950 Birmingham, AL 35209