A composable logging system built on the standard Logger library. You can add Loggability to large libraries and systems, then hook everything up later when you know where you want logs to be written, at what level of severity, and in which format. An example: # Load a bunch of libraries that use Loggability require 'strelka' require 'inversion' require 'treequel' require 'loggability' # Set up our own library module MyProject extend Loggability log_as :my_project class Server extend Loggability log_to :my_project def initialize self.log.debug "Listening." end end end # Now tell everything that's using Loggability to log to an HTML # log file at INFO level Loggability.write_to( '/usr/local/www/htdocs/log.html' ) Loggability.format_as( :html ) Loggability.level = :info

Rubygem loggability

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2014-04-14 00:00:00 UTC
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2012-05-06 00:00:00 UTC


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