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A framework agnostic Defensio Ruby library.
 Project Readme

RDefensio is a framework-agnostic Ruby library for accessing the Defensio API 


RDefensio is provided as a gem, hosted by GitHub

1) gem sources -a (you only have to do this once)
2) sudo gem install mattapayne-rdefensio


    1) You need an API key from Defensio. Go sign up and get one here:

    Configuration is provided via a block. In Rails, this could be done in an
    initializer. Other frameworks vary - in Sinatra, I configure RDefensio in a
    Sinatra configure block.
    I also typically read the required information from a config file and leave it
    out of source control.

    RDefensio::API.configure do |conf|
      conf.api_key = "your API key"
      conf.owner_url = ""
      conf.format = "yaml" or "xml" - optional - defaults to yaml - controls the format of the
                    response from Defensio
      conf.service_type = "app" or "blog" - optional - defaults to blog
      conf.api_version = "the version of the Defensio API" - optional - defaults to 1.2
      conf.poster = an instance of a class to use to post to the Defensio service - optional
                    defaults to an instance of RDefensio::Poster, but if you wanted to
                    you could provide your own implementation. It must implement a
                    method called post that returns an object the responds to a
                    method called body.

    Methods (See for descriptions)

    ** All methods return an instance of an OpenStruct object. The only caveat is
       that method names are underscored, whereas in the actual response they are
       dashed (ie: api-version becomes api_version).

    1) RDefensio::API.validate_key()
    2) RDefensio::API.announce_article(article_hash)
       The article_hash parameter must contain the following keys/values:
            KEYS MUST BE STRINGS!!
            "article-author", "article-author-email",
            "article-title", "article-content", "permalink"
    3) RDefensio::API.audit_comment(comment_hash)
       The comment_hash parameter must contain the following keys/values:
            KEYS MUST BE STRINGS!!
            "user-ip", "article-date", "comment-author", "comment-type"
       Optionally, but recommended, the following keys/values can be passed:
            KEYS MUST BE STRINGS!!
            "comment-comment", "comment-author-email", "comment-author-url", 
            "permalink", "referrer", "user-logged-in", "trusted-user", "openid", 
    4) RDefensio::API.report_false_negatives(*signatures)
    5) RDefensio::API.report_false_positives(*signatures)
    6) RDefensio::API.get_stats()

That's it. Hopefully someone will find this useful.

Copyright (c) 2008 Matt Payne, released under the MIT license