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The MessageMedia Lookups API provides a number of endpoints for validating the phone numbers you’re sending to by checking their validity, type and carrier records.


~> 2016.9, >= 2016.09.26
>= 0.10
~> 1.2, >= 1.2.2
~> 2.0
~> 3.1, >= 3.1.5
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MessageMedia Lookups Ruby SDK

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The MessageMedia Lookups API provides a number of endpoints for validating the phone numbers you’re sending to by checking their validity, type and carrier records.


Table of Contents

  • Authentication
  • Errors
  • Information
    • Slack and Mailing List
    • Bug Reports
    • Contributing
  • Installation
  • Get Started
  • API Documentation
  • Need help?
  • License

πŸ” Authentication

Authentication is done via API keys. Sign up at https://developers.messagemedia.com/register/ to get your API keys.

Requests are authenticated using HTTP Basic Auth or HMAC. Provide your API key as the auth_user_name and API secret as the auth_password.

⁉️ Errors

Our API returns standard HTTP success or error status codes. For errors, we will also include extra information about what went wrong encoded in the response as JSON. The most common status codes are listed below.

HTTP Status Codes

Code Title Description
400 Invalid Request The request was invalid
401 Unauthorized Your API credentials are invalid
403 Disabled feature Feature not enabled
404 Not Found The resource does not exist
50X Internal Server Error An error occurred with our API

πŸ“° Information

Slack and Mailing List

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please join our Slack channel: https://developers.messagemedia.com/collaborate/slack/

Alternatively you can email us at: developers@messagemedia.com

Bug reports

If you discover a problem with the SDK, we would like to know about it. You can raise an issue or send an email to: developers@messagemedia.com


We welcome your thoughts on how we could best provide you with SDKs that would simplify how you consume our services in your application. You can fork and create pull requests for any features you would like to see or raise an issue

⭐ Installation

Run the following command to install the SDK via RubyGems:

gem install messagemedia_lookups

🎬 Get Started

It's easy to get started. Simply enter the API Key and secret you obtained from the MessageMedia Developers Portal into the code snippet below and a mobile number you wish to send to.

Lookup a number

require 'message_media_lookups'

# Configuration parameters and credentials
auth_user_name = 'YOUR_API_KEY' # The username to use with basic/HMAC authentication
auth_password = 'YOUR_SECRET_KEY' # The password to use with basic/HMAC authentication
use_hmac = false # Change this to true if you are using HMAC keys

client = MessageMediaLookups::MessageMediaLookupsClient.new(
  auth_user_name: auth_user_name,
  auth_password: auth_password,
  use_hmac: use_hmac

lookups_controller = client.lookups

phone_number = 'YOUR_MOBILE_NUMBER'
options = 'carrier,type'

result = lookups_controller.get_lookup_a_phone_number(phone_number, options)
print result.inspect

πŸ“• API Reference Documentation

Check out the full API documentation for more detailed information.

πŸ˜• Need help?

Please contact developer support at developers@messagemedia.com or check out the developer portal at developers.messagemedia.com

πŸ“ƒ License

Apache License. See the LICENSE file.