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The OpenShift Origin console is a Rails engine that provides an easy-to-use interface for managing OpenShift Origin applications.


~> 1.2.4
~> 3.1.7
~> 3.2.8
~> 1.6.3
 Project Readme

OpenShift Origin - Platform as a Service

This repository contains the core components of the OpenShift service released under the OpenShift Origin source project. The components in this repository are sufficient to self host an OpenShift instance -- download a LiveCD image with everything preconfigured or read more about running OpenShift locally on our wiki.

Architecturally OpenShift is split into the following core subsystems:

  • Node Hosted applications are run in isolated containers on each node - the system can operate many nodes at any one time.
  • Cartridge Frameworks/components used to build an application (Ex: JBoss)
  • Broker Central service exposing a REST API for consumers and coordinating with each node.
  • Console Web management console using the REST API to allow users to easily create and manage applications.
  • Admin Console Web console with admin focused reporting and utilities
  • Messaging System Communication pipeline between the broker and each node.
  • User Authentication Pluggable authentication for controlling access to the broker
  • Domain Name Management Each hosted application receives a unique domain name to simplify SSL termination and deployment

A comprehensive architecture overview can be found on our wiki.

The primary command line interface to OpenShift is RHC.


Visit the OpenShift Origin Open Source page for more information on the community process and how you can get involved. Also see our Contributor Guidelines.


The OpenShift Origin content is mirrored on This content is also available through other mirrors worldwide.


OpenShift Origin, except where otherwise noted, is released under the Apache License 2.0. See the LICENSE file located in each component directory.

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