# PackerThis is tool to package up your Bundler based rack application into a single .tar.gz file. This file will contain all your dependenciesIt can run as a command line tool or as a web app that will respond to github style post commit [webhooks]( The Packer command line util is used to package up (.tgz) a standard ruby rack application and all it's bundler defined dependencies To use you must pass the git commit SHA or tag that you wish to checkout and package Also you must pass a git repo URL with the --repo option## InstallationInstall the gem: $ gem install packer## Quick Usage $ packer --repo GIT_REPO_URL commitSHA## More Usage For details see $ packer -h Git URL should be passed with the --repo option## Using the webhooks Packer just needs a Rack provider. Install the gem as above Install foreman $ gem install foreman Start it up $ foreman start Go to your [browser](http://localhost:3000/packer) To use with github webhooks. Make sure github can see your server. Configure your github project to use a webhook URL of http(s)://your.server.example/packer For more heavy duty usage. Install into your favorite one [unicorn](http:// is nice## LimitationsPacker assumes a few things 1. that every box has git, tar and gzip on it. 2. that ruby 1.9.3 is installed 3. that you are deploying the packed .tar.gz file to the same machine architecture it is running on 4. that you have bundler on your machines 5. that the performance of shelling out to tar, git and bundler is acceptable## Contributing1. Fork it2. Create your feature branch (`git checkout -b my-new-feature`)3. Commit your changes (`git commit -am 'Added some feature'`)4. Push to the branch (`git push origin my-new-feature`)5. Create new Pull Request## This project uses RVM for development please install it firstThe .rvmrc file will install bundler and the gems after you cd into the cloned directory and trust the .rvmrc file## A note for RubyMine usersIf you are going to run the integration tests from within ruby mineyou need to make sure that the "Run the script in the context of Bundler (bundle exec)"option is disabled for the specsYou can find this option by editing the run configuration and choosing the "Bundler" tab.

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