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Zero-effort creation of Location-aware Rails application based on W3C Geolocaton API.
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(जियो मेरे लाल : ji-oo-me-re-laal : "Keep it up baby!")

GeoMereLaal plugin is all you need to create Location-Aware rails application based on W3C Geolocaton API.

Quick Audio Intro: Thanks to Ruby5 Podcast

What's Location-Awareness?

W3C proposed an API in which internet browsers can have capability to retrieve geo-location of the user via multiple sources (Wifi, LBS, IP, browser cookies) and share it with web apps so that apps can serve content based on user's location.

Who supports it?

<td>Support is <a title="Geolocation API support in Safari" href="">coming soon</a> in the IPhone’s Safari browser.</td>
<td>Internet Explorer</td>
<td>An experimental support available from IE8.</td>
Web Browser Geolocation API support
Mozilla Firefox supported in Firefox 3.5 and later versions.
Chrome Supports thru Google Gears Geolocation API
Opera Supported in nightly builds – download from this page

How do I use it?

Step 1 : Install

 script/plugin install git:// 

Step 2 : Create form (as you always did but with new helpers)

Note: You may want to generate Address model this way script/generate model Address street:string locality:string city:string state:string country:string zip:string lat:string lng:string


<% form_tag('#') do  -%>
   <%= label :address,"street","Street" -%>
   <%= street_field :address, "street" %>    
   <%= label :address,"locality","Locality" -%>
   <%= locality_field :address, "locality" %>  

   <%= label :address,"city","City" -%>
   <%= city_field :address, "city" %>  

   <%= label :address,"state","State" -%> 
   <%= state_field :address, "state" %>      

   <%= label :address,"country","Country Name" -%>
   <%= country_name_field :address, "country" %>

   <%= label :address,"zip","Postal Code" -%>
   <%= postal_code_field :address, "zip" %>
<% end %>

Step 3: ...... there is no step 3 ;-)

The rendered form will auto fill the content with user's geolocation


Copyright (c) 2009 Abhishek Parolkar, released under the MIT license