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Textmate bundles and themes in a gem
 Project Readme
This is a list of people who've contributed to the various bundles. There may
be omissions or wrongly credited bundles. Some bundles do have more detailed
credits in their README or embedded in the syntax file(s).

Add your bundle and/or name to the list if it's missing.

ActionScript: Rob Bevan, Dominique Peretti, Simon Gregory
Ada, Fortran, Inform, Lisp, Pascal, PropertyList, UnixShell: Chris Thomas
Apache: Simon Gregory
ASP vb.NET: Thomas Aylott
Blogging: Brad Choate
C, Objective-C: Allan Odgaard, Chris Thomas
CakePHP: Sam DeVore
Contextual Menu (using OnMyCommand): Eric Hsu, Frédéric Ballériaux
CSS, PHP: Justin French
CSS (Preview): Brad Choate
CVS: Brian Donovan
Diff: Torsten Becker, Eric Hsu, Allan Odgaard
Django: Wilson Miner, Paul Bissex
F-Script: Kevin Ballard
Graphviz, MIPS, Quake, Modula: Torsten Becker
Gri: Dan Kelley
HTML: Justin French, James A Baker
Perl HTML-Template: Brad Choate
iCalendar: Chris Thomas, Eric Hsu
Io: Rob Rix <rix dot rob at gmail>
Java, XML: Brian Lalor (<see Java.tmbundle/README>)
JavaScript: Caio Chassot, Kevin Ballard
Prototype & Script.aculo.us (JavaScript): Justin Palmer, Thomas Aylott & Martin Ström
JavaScript YUI: Ross Harmes
Language Definition (TextMate): Jeroen van der Ham
LaTeX: Eric Hsu, Normand Mousseau, Gaetan Le Guelvouit, Andrew Ellis, Brad Miller, Haris Skiadas
Logo: Paul Bissex
Logtalk: Paulo Moura
Lua: Gavin Kistner
Makefile: Sune Foldager, Chris Thomas
Markdown: Hadley Wickham, Paul Bissex
Matlab: Stephen Thomas, Anders Thid
Mono: Ian Phillips
Movable Type: Brad Choate
OCaml: William D. Neumann
Outlines: Eric Hsu, Kevin Ballard
Perforce: Chris Thomas
Perl: Eric Hsu, Noah Daniels, and Martin Vetter
Python: Jeroen van der Ham, Brad Miller, Domenico Carbotta, Jay Soffian, Alexander Ross
Regular Expressions: David Lee, Aristotle at perlmonks.org, Eric Hsu
Ruby: David Hansson, Kevin Ballard, Torsten Becker, Sune Foldager, James Edward Gray II
S5: Brad Choate
Scheme: Mikael Säker
Setext: Michael Sheets (Borrows from Markdown)
SQL: Carl Forde, Brad Miller, Michael Sheets
Subversion (mostly add, commit, update, diff): Chris Thomas
Subversion (mostly info, blame, log, help): Torsten Becker
Subversion (in-page Status window enhancements): Thomas Aylott
Symfony: Fabien Potencier, Jakub Nesetril
Tcl: Kevin Ballard
TextMate (Document to HTML commands; CSS from Theme): Brad Choate
Perl Template Toolkit: Brad Choate
TODO: Brad Miller
UnComment: Eric Hsu, Ollivier Robert, Chris Thomas, William N Prater III
Default:  Show Entities (Kumar McMillan, Eric Hsu, Brad Miller, Max)

Obsolete (but included) tools and bundles:

Invisibles: Eric Hsu
Command-line "tm" tool (pre 1.1b5): Eric Hsu, Andrew Ellis, Kevin Ballard, Rick Gardner, Marcin