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Attila Györffy wrote 2016-03-09 13:14:15 UTC:

I'm looking into a modern Rails file upload solution. I've taken a look at a few, came across Refile and Shrine and decided to go for Refile because it has an explicit section on testing in the README.

When you are doing TDD, you don't want to having to fiddle around with new gems. Shrine may even be a better or more suitable gem in some contexts but a new gem with testing explained really makes it a favourable choice for me. Something to keep in mind when you publish your hot new library.

Janko Marohnić wrote 2016-04-08 19:04:46 UTC:

@liquid Refile's testing section only shows how to use fake IOs instead of actual files. However, I encourage everyone to use actual files in tests, because this way you're more closely resembling production without any penalty. So I don't think Refile has some advantages over Shrine concerning testing.

The difference between Shrine and Refile is that Refile is more opinionated, while Shrine has more advanced features which are often needed for achieving good user experience. On-the-fly processing can be tricky to scale by yourself, I think it's better to use 3rd-party solutions like Cloudinary (which Shrine supports). Additionally, Shrine took Refile's great design ideas, but is more flexible and featureful.

P.S. I'm the creator of Shrine, and a former maintainer of Refile.

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