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Improve Simple Form basic input field, add controls/preview on the field.



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A nice improvement for the file field in Simple Form.

Simple Form Bootstrap 5 File Input aims to add directs controls to your file fields in Simple Form.


Add it to your Gemfile:

gem 'simple_form_bs5_file_input'

Run the following command to install it:

bundle install

Add it to your application.sass:

@import 'simple_form_bs5_file_input'

Add it to your application.js:

//= require simple_form_bs5_file_input

Active Storage

Simple Form Bootstrap 5 File Input relies on Active Storage, so it presumes that you installed Active Storage.


Simple Form Bootstrap 5 File Input relies on the Bootstrap 5 markup, so it presumes that you installed Simple Form with the Bootstrap option. To do that you have to use the bootstrap option in the Simple Form install generator, like this:

rails generate simple_form:install --bootstrap

You have to be sure that you added a copy of the Bootstrap 5 assets on your application.


Simple Form Bootstrap 5 File Input comes with one new input type which is meant to replace the standard :file field: :single_deletable_file

To start using Simple Form Bootstrap 5 File Input you just have to change the input type of the :file field to these new kind.

So basically your field:

<%= f.input :my_file %>


<%= f.input :my_file,
            as: :single_deletable_file %>

Of course you can still add the options you want, like for example input_html: { accept: '.jpg,.jpeg,.png' }

You can also add a direct preview (WARNING: preview can only work with images!) by using preview: true or any custom width for the preview: preview: 500. If you don't specify the preview size it will be 1000px width by default. Note that the preview uses the boostrap classes img-fluid and img-thumbnail.


You also have to change the type of you file in your model. So instead of declaring:

has_one_attached :picture

you will have to declare:

has_one_attached_deletable :picture


If you use strict parameters you will need to allow the :[filename]_delete and the :[filename]_infos params in the controller. So instead of:

params.require(:user).permit(:first_name, :last_name, :picture)

you will have:

params.require(:user).permit(:first_name, :last_name, :picture, :picture_delete, :picture_infos)

That's all folks!

Direct upload

The new field is still compatible with the direct_upload param.

<%= f.input :my_file,
            as: :single_deletable_file,
            direct_upload: true %>

Please remember to include the activestorage.js library in order to use the direct_upload feature. Direct upload will send the file BEFORE the page submission. You will get a progress bar in the file field while the file is uploading.


You can add an option to the field to resize the image after upload (of course it has to be an image!).

Add resize: true to your field.

You can also specify a ratio for the cropper. For example resize: 1 will lock the aspect ratio to a square. Beware of the float constraints in rails. If you want a 4/3 ratio use resize: 4/3.to_f as 4/3 otherwise gives 1.

The resizer is based on CropperJS so you have to add cropper and jquery-cropper to your dependencies:

yarn add cropperjs
yarn add jquery-cropper

then include the js files in your application.js file:

//= require cropperjs/dist/cropper
//= require jquery-cropper/dist/jquery-cropper

and include the css in your application.sass file:

@import 'cropperjs/dist/cropper'

In your config/application.yml, to support +repage, you have to add + method in supported operations.

module MyApp
  class Application < Rails::Application
    # ...
    config.active_storage.supported_image_processing_methods = ["+"]


Simple Form Bootstrap 5 File Input uses the I18n API to manage the texts displayed. Feel free to overwrite the keys or add languages.



When the resize feature is activated Simple Form Bootstrap 5 File Input uses an after_commit hook to resize the image. The model linked to the attachment will then be touched.
It might cause a problem because messing with others after_commit hooks. For example it messes with the Devise confirmable module, where the confirmation email is also send on after_commit.
Before Rails 7.1 after_commit is the only hook executed backward. So if you add after_commit :function1, then after_commit :function2, function2 will be executed BEFORE function1.
After Rails 7.1 after_commit follows the regular order, so function1 will be executed before function2.
So for Devise Confirmable, it must be declared AFTER the has_one_attached_deletable declaration if Rails version < 7.1, and declared BEFORE the has_one_attached_deletable declaration if Rails version >= 7.1


Supported Ruby / Rails versions

We intend to maintain support for all Ruby / Rails versions that haven't reached end-of-life.

For more information about specific versions please check Ruby and Rails maintenance policies, and our test matrix.

Bug reports

If you discover any bugs, feel free to create an issue on GitHub. Please add as much information as possible to help us in fixing the potential bug. We also encourage you to help even more by forking and sending us a pull request.



MIT License.