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Ratings for your model.
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Currently star buttons are a put request, not a post request like they should be due to time constraints. Should be fixed in a future version.

Patches welcome! I do test my own stuff but until I find a nice and easy way to include rspec in plugins, they won’t come with the specs.


To install, type script/generate rateable [--by_user]


—by-user will associate your ratings to a user model. Hopefully you’ve got one already.

Without Ajax
In your model.
<pre> is_rateable :upto => 5 # it defaults :upto => 5 </pre>

In your view.
<pre> render_rating(@book, :interactive_stars) render_rating(@book) # If you want to also see 1/5 Stars </pre>

If a user rates more than twice, it will delete their older rating and put up a new rating.

Add a method to your books_controller like so:
<pre> def rate @book = Book.find(params[:id]) unless @book.add_rating(params[:rating].to_i, :ip => request.remote_ip) flash[:notice] = "You have already voted on this book" end redirect_to @book end </pre>

Using Ajax

You can use the same code for your model
<pre> is_rateable :upto => 5 # it defaults :upto => 5 </pre>

On your view, you need to call a partial
<pre> #Using html.erb <div id="rating"> <%= render :partial => "books/rate", :locals => { :rateable => @book } %>

#Using haml #rating render :partial => “books/rate”, :locals => { :rateable => @book }

Your partial will have a spinner and a div to be replaced when ajax is completed
<pre> #Using html.erb (views/books/_rate.html.erb) <%= render_ajax_rating rateable %> <%= image_tag "icons/spinner.gif", :id => :spinner, :style => "display: none;" %> <div id="success_rating" style="display:none;"> Rated!

#Using haml (views/books/_rate.html.haml) = render_ajax_rating rateable = image_tag “icons/spinner.gif”, :id => :spinner, :style => “display: none;” #success_rating{:style => “display:none;”} Rated!

On your controller:
<pre> def rate @book = Book.find(params[:id]) @book.rate params[:rating].to_i render :update do |page| page.replace_html("rating", {:partial => "rate", :locals => {:rateable => @book}}) "success_rating" end end </pre>


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Copyright © 2008 Zach Inglis, released under the MIT license