Browser testing

Write and run automated tests of your web app in a real-world browser environment

A long-lived project that still receives updates
Watir stands for Web Application Testing In Ruby It facilitates the writing of automated tests by mimicing the behavior of a user interacting with a website.
No release in over 3 years
Low commit activity in last 3 years
Webrat lets you quickly write expressive and robust acceptance tests for a Ruby web application. It supports simulating a browser inside a Ruby process to avoid the performance hit and browser dependency of Selenium or Watir, but the same API can also be used to drive real Selenium tests when necessary (eg. for testing AJAX interactions). Most Ruby web frameworks and testing frameworks are supported.
No commit activity in last 3 years
No release in over 3 years
There's a lot of open issues
Celerity is a JRuby wrapper around HtmlUnit – a headless Java browser with JavaScript support. It provides a simple API for programmatic navigation through web applications. Celerity provides a superset of Watir's API.
No commit activity in last 3 years
No release in over 3 years
Simple page objects for Capybara. All tooth-generated methods return Capybara Elements so that you can use these familiar objects for your needs.