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A long-lived project that still receives updates
Implements the iCalendar specification (RFC-5545) in Ruby. This allows for the generation and parsing of .ics files, which are used by a variety of calendaring applications.
No release in over 3 years
Low commit activity in last 3 years
A new Ruby implementation of RFC2445 iCalendar. The existing Ruby iCalendar libraries (e.g. icalendar, vpim) provide for parsing and generating icalendar files, but do not support important things like enumerating occurrences of repeating events. This is a clean-slate implementation of RFC2445. A Google group for discussion of this library has been set up
No commit activity in last 3 years
A view helper that creates a calendar using a table. You can easily add events with any content.
No commit activity in last 3 years
A Rails builder for creating weekly calendars (horizontal scrolling), inspired by TableBuilder.
No release in over 3 years
A simple helper for creating an HTML calendar. The "calendar" method will be automatically available to your Rails view templates, or can be used with Sinatra or other webapps. There is also a Rails generator that copies some stylesheets for use alone or alongside existing stylesheets.