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A Rails builder for creating weekly calendars (horizontal scrolling), inspired by TableBuilder.
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A weekly calendar builder for ruby on rails. Although there are countless monthly calendars on Github I couldn't find any with a weekly view, so I built my own.

The calendar is horizontally scrolling with a completely fluid CSS layout and an option for business/24 hours. Weekly views are useful because the events are plotted based on time and the width is determined by how long the event is scheduled for. So there is a visual representation of when the event is, not just a list.

The code is inspired by P8s table_builder which I recommend for monthly calendars.


Live demo:


./script/plugin install git://

Then check the output if all images and stylsheets have been copied successfully.

How to Use WeeklyBuilder

The calendar builder: <% weekly_calendar(@events, :date => @date, :include_24_hours => true) do |w| %> <% w.week(:business_hours => params[:business_hours]) do |event,truncate| %> <%= event.starts_at.strftime('%I:%M%p') %> <%= link_to truncate(,truncate), event_path(event) %> <% end -%> <% end -%>

The Next/Previous week links helper: <% weekly_links(:date => @date) %>

In your controller: @date = Time.parse("#{params[:start_date]} ||") @start_date =, @date.month, @events = Event.find(:all, :conditions => ['starts_at between ? and ?', @start_date, @start_date + 7])

The event model only requires 2 attributes: starts_at:datetime and ends_at:datetime to calculate width and position on the calendar. In my demo app I ask the user for one date/time (starts_at) and estimated time to complete (for example 2hrs), it then calculates ends_at after it is submitted.

UPDATE: Added a truncate_width method so that long event names are truncated in proportion to the width of the event, this is passed through the week block with |truncate|.

Options available:

  • :include_24_hours: Default hours are 6am-8pm, if this set as "true" then an option to switch to a 24-hour schedule appears at the bottom

Copyright (c) 2009 Dan McGrady, released under the MIT license

Thanks to P8


  • IE6 Friendly (so far only tested on FF3 + Safari 4)
  • Testing
  • Refactor concats to be nested
  • Single @date instead of @start_date + @end_date