CRM Apps

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Low commit activity in last 3 years
There's a lot of open issues
MyIT CRM 2 is a total re-write from the ground up in Ruby/Rails language. MyITCRM2 is a CRM program designed for the Businesses who repair equipment like Computers, Small Plant or can be also used to manage maintenance tasks. The software is still not at an ALPHA stage yet but please fell free to join the project and help create a community driven software solution.
No commit activity in last 3 years
Ruby on Rails CRM for lead tracking made with MongoDB, Twitter Bootstrap and Devise. It is intended to be a no fluff working application and not an over loaded application.
No commit activity in last 3 years
The Cohort CRM - a tag-heavy Rails-based CRM
A long-lived project that still receives updates
An open source, Ruby on Rails customer relationship management platform
No release in over 3 years
A fully featured CRM / Newsletter and Mailings Module for Alchemy CMS. Building and sending Newsletters has never been easier!