Exception Notification

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A long-lived project that still receives updates
Airbrake is an online tool that provides robust exception tracking in any of your Ruby applications. In doing so, it allows you to easily review errors, tie an error to an individual piece of code, and trace the cause back to recent changes. The Airbrake dashboard provides easy categorization, searching, and prioritization of exceptions so that when errors occur, your team can quickly determine the root cause. Additionally, this gem includes integrations with such popular libraries and frameworks as Rails, Sinatra, Resque, Sidekiq, Delayed Job, Shoryuken, ActiveJob and many more.
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Exceptional is the Ruby gem for communicating with (hosted error tracking service). Use it to find out about errors that happen in your live app. It captures lots of helpful information to help you fix the errors.
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No release in over 3 years
The Exception Engine logs your Rails exceptions in your mongodb database and provides a web interface to manage them