Bad news. The server hosting The Ruby Toolbox went bust on the evening of June 7th. While I do have backups, the original source code is in a very outdated state so I currently don't feel it makes sense to try and get it running again.

For the time being, here is a very stripped down version of the Ruby Toolbox's contents.

Update June 13th: I'd like to invite you to join the discussion on the future of the Toolbox on github. You can also get in touch directly on Twitter.

 Score 8.32


Faker, a port of Data::Faker from Perl, is used to easily generate fake data: names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.

 Rubygem faker
 Github stympy/faker
 Score 1.91


Ffaker generates dummy data.

 Rubygem ffaker
 Score 1.05


Easy and customizable generation of forged data. Can be used as a gem or a rails plugin. Includes rails generators for creating your own forgeries.

 Rubygem forgery
 Score 0.44


Library for generating random strings from regular expressions.

 Rubygem randexp
 Score 0.21

Random data

Random data generator

 Score 0.16


Data anonymization tool for RDBMS and MongoDB databases

 Score 0.0


**CheapRandom** is a set of tools for pseudo random number generation from arbitrary data. The properties of the **CheapRandom seed** make convenient random number generation possible -- useful for easily repeatable software testing. The **CheapRandom algorithm** is information conserving and generally appears to produce lower chi-squared statistics than **Kernel::rand** i.e. it appears to be more random. The **CheapRandom algorithm**, an original work by Bardi Einarsson, has been in use for 6 years.