Bad news. The server hosting The Ruby Toolbox went bust on the evening of June 7th. While I do have backups, the original source code is in a very outdated state so I currently don't feel it makes sense to try and get it running again.

For the time being, here is a very stripped down version of the Ruby Toolbox's contents.

Update June 13th: I'd like to invite you to join the discussion on the future of the Toolbox on github. You can also get in touch directly on Twitter.

 Score 2.5


xlsx spreadsheet generation with charts, images, automated column width, customizable styles and full schema validation. Axlsx helps you create beautiful Office Open XML Spreadsheet documents ( Excel, Google Spreadsheets, Numbers, LibreOffice) without having to understand the entire ECMA specification. Check out the README for some examples of how easy it is. Best of all, you can validate your xlsx file before serialization so you know for sure that anything generated is going to load on your client's machine.

 Rubygem axlsx
 Github randym/axlsx
 Score 2.48


The Spreadsheet Library is designed to read and write Spreadsheet Documents. As of version 0.6.0, only Microsoft Excel compatible spreadsheets are supported. Spreadsheet is a combination/complete rewrite of the Spreadsheet::Excel Library by Daniel J. Berger and the ParseExcel Library by Hannes Wyss. Spreadsheet can read, write and modify Spreadsheet Documents.

 Rubygem spreadsheet
 Score 1.68


Roo can access the contents of various spreadsheet files. It can handle * OpenOffice * Excelx * LibreOffice * CSV

 Rubygem roo
 Github Empact/roo
 Score 0.61


Ruby Reports is a software library that aims to make the task of reporting less tedious and painful. It provides tools for data acquisition, database interaction, formatting, and parsing/munging.

 Rubygem ruport
 Github ruport/ruport
 Score 0.53


rubyXL is a gem which allows the parsing, creation, and manipulation of Microsoft Excel (.xlsx/.xlsm) Documents

 Rubygem rubyXL
 Github gilt/rubyXL
 Score 0.49


Axlsx_Rails provides an Axlsx renderer so you can move all your spreadsheet code from your controller into view files. Partials are supported so you can organize any code into reusable chunks (e.g. cover sheets, common styling, etc.) You can use it with acts_as_xlsx, placing the to_xlsx call in a view and adding ':package => xlsx_package' to the parameter list. Now you can keep your controllers thin!

This is a library to read/write Google Spreadsheet.

 Score 0.33


Generates ODF files, given a template (.odt) and data, replacing tags

 Rubygem odf-report
 Score 0.32


An ActiveRecord gem that makes it easier to do reporting.

 Rubygem statistics
 Score 0.28


This gem uses axlsx to provide excel/xlsx downloads for resources in Active Admin. Often, users are happier with excel, so why not give it to them instead of CSV?

 Score 0.27


Easy SQL based report generation with the ability to accept request parameters and render multiple formats.

 Rubygem dossier
 Score 0.25


Just as the name says, simple writter for Office 2007+ Excel files

 Score 0.22


acts_as_xlsx lets you turn any ActiveRecord::Base inheriting class into an excel spreadsheet. It can be added to any finder method or scope chain and can use localized column and sheet names with I18n.

 Rubygem acts_as_xlsx
 Score 0.22


Open local or remote XLSX, XLS, ODS, CSV (comma separated), TSV (tab separated), other delimited, fixed-width files, and Google Docs. Returns an enumerator of Arrays or Hashes, depending on whether there are headers.

 Score 0.2


 Github schacon/munger
 Score 0.19


JRuby gem for performing multidimensional queries of relational database data using Mondrian OLAP Java library

 Rubygem mondrian-olap
 Score 0.18

Dynamic reports

Dynamic Ruby Reporting Engine with support for Charts.

 Score 0.16


Thinreports is an open source report generation tool for Ruby.

 Score 0.15


Reportable allows for easy report generation from ActiveRecord models by the addition of the reportable method.

 Rubygem reportable
 Score 0.12


Render XLSX from Rails using existing views ( .*.html => .xlsx )

 Score 0.11


write_xlsx is a gem to create a new file in the Excel 2007+ XLSX format.

 Rubygem write_xlsx
 Score 0.05


Allows you to program spreadsheets using .rxls views

 Rubygem excel_rails
 Score 0.04


Soroban makes it easy to extract and execute formulas from Excel spreadsheets. It rewrites Excel formulas as Ruby expressions, and allows you to bind named variables to spreadsheet cells to easily manipulate inputs and capture outputs.

 Rubygem soroban
 Github agworld/soroban
 Score 0.03


Ruby on Rails reporting framework

 Score 0.03


Workbook contains workbooks, as in a table, contains rows, contains cells, reads/writes excel, ods and csv and tab separated files, and offers basic diffing and sorting capabilities.

 Rubygem workbook
 Github murb/workbook
 Score 0.03


A fast Excel 2007/2010 (.xlsx) file parser that returns a collection of Matrix objects

 Rubygem oxcelix
 Github gbiczo/oxcelix
 Score 0.03


Work with spreadsheets easily in a native ruby format.

 Rubygem sheets
 Score 0.01


WrapExcel is to wrap the win32ole, and easy to use Excel operations with ruby. Detailed description please see the README.

 Score 0.01

Spreadsheet report

Simple tool for running queries against ActiveRecord and putting them into a Google Spreadsheet.

 Score 0.0


xlsx renderer for Rails base on write_xlsx gem