Bad news. The server hosting The Ruby Toolbox went bust on the evening of June 7th. While I do have backups, the original source code is in a very outdated state so I currently don't feel it makes sense to try and get it running again.

For the time being, here is a very stripped down version of the Ruby Toolbox's contents.

Update June 13th: I'd like to invite you to join the discussion on the future of the Toolbox on github. You can also get in touch directly on Twitter.

 Score 4.82


 Github insoshi/insoshi
 Score 1.47


Social Stream is a Ruby on Rails engine for building social network websites. It supports contacts, posts, file uploads, private messages and much more.

 Rubygem social_stream
 Score 0.81


A generalized Rack middleware for importing contacts from major email providers.

 Score 0.76


acts_as_follower is a Rubygem to allow any model to follow any other model. This is accomplished through a double polymorphic relationship on the Follow model. There is also built in support for blocking/un-blocking follow records. Main uses would be for Users to follow other Users or for Users to follow Books, etc… (Basically, to develop the type of follow system that GitHub has)

 Score 0.62


Socialization allows any model to Follow and/or Like any other model. This is accomplished through a double polymorphic relationship on the Follow and Like models. But you don't need to know that since all the complexity is hidden from you.

 Rubygem socialization
 Score 0.48


 Score 0.36


Leaderboards backed by Redis in Ruby

 Score 0.29


Inkwell provides simple way to add social networking features like comments, reblogs, favorites, following/followers, communities, categories and timelines to your Ruby on Rails application.

 Rubygem inkwell
 Github salkar/inkwell
 Score 0.26


Likeable allows you to make your models...well...likeable using redis.

 Rubygem likeable
 Score 0.09


Relationships (e.g. friendships) backed by Redis

 Rubygem amico
 Score 0.06

Has many friends

Simple Models for managing simple friendship relationships.

 Score 0.05


ActsAsFriendable provides a Friendship model, relevent scopes, and many instance methods to quickly and easily add Social Networking functionality to your Rails application.