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A plugin to ease your effort of building profile of user, company, project, pet, group.... blah blah blah
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How many times did it happen to you that, your project needed to implement user profiles, company profiles, product profiles, and all kinds of profile but you had no choice other than creating every bit of code to implement profiles retrieve data and then cache them.

has_profile_items brings you comfort of quickly creating generic profile items and attach it to any model, so that you get more faster in your app development.

[Watch it yourself] TODO: Tutorial Video


Basic tutorial is here :

Quick Installation (only if you already know how to use plugin)

$ cd your_project_dir

you should be using haml/sass for your templates , if not, go set it up

$ git submodule add git:// vendor/plugins/has_profile_items
$ rake has_profile_items:setup

Copyright (c) 2009 [Abhishek Parolkar] abhishek[at] , released under the MIT license