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Official AWS Ruby gem for Amazon EventBridge Scheduler. This gem is part of the AWS SDK for Ruby.


~> 3, >= 3.201.0
~> 1.1
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AWS SDK for Ruby - Version 3

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The AWS SDK for Ruby is available from RubyGems. With V3 modularization, you should pick the specific AWS service gems to install.

gem 'aws-sdk-s3', '~> 1'
gem 'aws-sdk-ec2', '~> 1'

Alternatively, the aws-sdk gem contains every available AWS service gem. This gem is very large; it is recommended to use it only as a quick way to migrate from V2 or if you depend on many AWS services.

gem 'aws-sdk', '~> 3'

Please use a pessimistic version constraint on the major version when depending on service gems.


You will need to configure credentials and a region, either in configuration files or environment variables, to make API calls. It is recommended that you provide these via your environment. This makes it easier to rotate credentials and it keeps your secrets out of source control.

The SDK searches the following locations for credentials:

  • The shared credentials ini file at ~/.aws/credentials
    • Credential options supported in this file are:
      • Static Credentials (aws_access_key_id, aws_secret_access_key, aws_session_token)
      • Assume Role Web Identity Credentials (web_identity_token_file, role_arn, source_profile)
      • Assume Role Credentials (role_arn, source_profile)
      • Process Credentials (credential_process)
      • SSO Credentials (sso_session, sso_account_id, sso_role_name, sso_region)
    • Unless ENV['AWS_SDK_CONFIG_OPT_OUT'] is set, the shared configuration ini file at ~/.aws/config will also be parsed for credentials.
  • From an instance profile when running on EC2 or from the ECS credential provider when running in an ECS container with that feature enabled.

Shared configuration is loaded only a single time, and credentials are provided statically at client creation time. Shared credentials do not refresh.

The SDK searches the following locations for a region:

  • Unless ENV['AWS_SDK_CONFIG_OPT_OUT'] is set, the shared configuration files (~/.aws/credentials and ~/.aws/config) will also be checked for a region selection.

The region is used to construct an SSL endpoint. If you need to connect to a non-standard endpoint, you may specify the :endpoint option.

Configuration Options

You can also configure default credentials and the region via the Aws.config hash. The Aws.config hash takes precedence over environment variables.

require 'aws-sdk-core'

  region: 'us-west-2',
  credentials:'akid', 'secret')

Valid region and credentials options are:

You may also pass configuration options directly to Client and Resource constructors. These options take precedence over the environment and Aws.config defaults. A :profile Client option can also be used to choose a specific profile defined in your configuration file.

# using a credentials object
ec2 = 'us-west-2', credentials: credentials)

# using a profile name
ec2 = 'my_profile')

Please take care to never commit credentials to source control. We strongly recommended loading credentials from an external source.

require 'aws-sdk'
require 'json'

creds = JSON.load('secrets.json'))
Aws.config[:credentials] =

For more information on how to configure credentials, see the developer guide for configuring AWS SDK for Ruby.

API Clients

Construct a service client to make API calls. Each client provides a 1-to-1 mapping of methods to API operations. Refer to the API documentation for a complete list of available methods.

# list buckets in Amazon S3
s3 =
resp = s3.list_buckets
#=> ["bucket-1", "bucket-2", ...]

API methods accept a hash of additional request parameters and return structured response data.

# list the first two objects in a bucket
resp = s3.list_objects(bucket: 'aws-sdk', max_keys: 2)
resp.contents.each do |object|
  puts "#{object.key} => #{object.etag}"

Paging Responses

Many AWS operations limit the number of results returned with each response. To make it easy to get the next page of results, every AWS response object is enumerable:

# yields one response object per API call made, this will enumerate
# EVERY object in the named bucket
s3.list_objects(bucket:'aws-sdk').each do |response|

If you prefer to control paging yourself, response objects have helper methods that control paging:

# make a request that returns a truncated response
resp = s3.list_objects(bucket: 'aws-sdk')

resp.last_page? #=> false
resp.next_page? #=> true
resp = resp.next_page # send a request for the next response page
resp = resp.next_page until resp.last_page?


Waiters are utility methods that poll for a particular state. To invoke a waiter, call #wait_until on a client:

  ec2.wait_until(:instance_running, instance_ids:['i-12345678'])
  puts "instance running"
rescue Aws::Waiters::Errors::WaiterFailed => error
  puts "failed waiting for instance running: #{error.message}"

Waiters have sensible default polling intervals and maximum attempts. You can configure these per call to #wait_until. You can also register callbacks that are triggered before each polling attempt and before waiting. See the API documentation for more examples and for a list of supported waiters per service.

Resource Interfaces

Resource interfaces are object oriented classes that represent actual resources in AWS. Resource interfaces built on top of API clients and provide additional functionality.

Only a few services implement a resource interface. They are defined by hand in JSON and have limitations. Please use the Client API instead.

s3 =

# reference an existing bucket by name
bucket = s3.bucket('aws-sdk')

# enumerate every object in a bucket
bucket.objects.each do |obj|
  puts "#{obj.key} => #{obj.etag}"

# batch operations, delete objects in batches of 1k
bucket.objects(prefix: '/tmp-files/').delete

# single object operations
obj = bucket.object('hello')
obj.put(body:'Hello World!')

REPL - AWS Interactive Console

The aws-sdk gem ships with a REPL that provides a simple way to test the Ruby SDK. You can access the REPL by running aws-v3.rb from the command line.

$ aws-v3.rb
[1] pry(Aws)> ec2.describe_instances.reservations.first.instances.first
[Aws::EC2::Client 200 0.216615 0 retries] describe_instances()
 state=<struct  code=16, name="running">,

You can enable HTTP wire logging by setting the verbose flag:

$ aws-v3.rb -v

In the REPL, every service class has a helper that returns a new client object. Simply downcase the service module name for the helper:

  • s3 => #<Aws::S3::Client>
  • ec2 => #<Aws::EC2::Client>
  • etc

Functionality requiring AWS Common Runtime (CRT)

The AWS SDK for Ruby has optional functionality that requires the AWS Common Runtime (CRT) bindings to be included as a dependency with your application. This functionality includes:

If the required AWS Common Runtime dependency is not installed you will receive an error indicating that the required dependency is missing to use the associated functionality. To install this dependency follow the provided instructions.

Installing the AWS Common Runtime (CRT) Dependency

AWS CRT bindings are in developer preview and are available in the the aws-crt gem. You can install them by adding the aws-crt gem to your Gemfile.

Sigv4a is an extension to Sigv4 that allows signatures that are valid in more than one region. Sigv4a is required to use some services/operations such as S3 Multi-Region Access Points and Amazon EventBridge Global Endpoints. Currently sigv4a requires the aws-crt gem. The aws-sigv4 signers will automatically use the CRT provided signers with support for sigv4a when the aws-crt gem is available.

gem 'aws-sdk-s3', '~> 1'
gem 'aws-sigv4', '1.4.1.crt'

Getting Help

Please use any of these resources for getting help:

Maintenance and support for SDK major versions

For information about maintenance and support for SDK major versions and their underlying dependencies, see the following in the AWS SDKs and Tools Shared Configuration and Credentials Reference Guide:

Opening Issues

If you encounter a bug or have a feature request, we would like to hear about it. Search the existing issues and try to make sure your problem doesn’t already exist before opening a new issue.

The GitHub issues are intended for bug reports and feature requests. For help and questions with using aws-sdk-ruby please make use of the resources listed in the Getting Help section.


This project uses semantic versioning. You can safely express a dependency on a major version and expect all minor and patch versions to be backwards compatible.

A CHANGELOG can be found at each gem's root path (i.e. aws-sdk-s3 can be found at gems/aws-sdk-s3/ The CHANGELOG is also accessible via the page under "LINKS" section.

Supported Services

Service Name Service Module gem_name API Version
AWS ARC - Zonal Shift Aws::ARCZonalShift aws-sdk-arczonalshift 2022-10-30
AWS Account Aws::Account aws-sdk-account 2021-02-01
AWS Amplify Aws::Amplify aws-sdk-amplify 2017-07-25
AWS Amplify UI Builder Aws::AmplifyUIBuilder aws-sdk-amplifyuibuilder 2021-08-11
AWS App Mesh Aws::AppMesh aws-sdk-appmesh 2019-01-25
AWS App Runner Aws::AppRunner aws-sdk-apprunner 2020-05-15
AWS AppConfig Data Aws::AppConfigData aws-sdk-appconfigdata 2021-11-11
AWS AppSync Aws::AppSync aws-sdk-appsync 2017-07-25
AWS Application Cost Profiler Aws::ApplicationCostProfiler aws-sdk-applicationcostprofiler 2020-09-10
AWS Application Discovery Service Aws::ApplicationDiscoveryService aws-sdk-applicationdiscoveryservice 2015-11-01
AWS Artifact Aws::Artifact aws-sdk-artifact 2018-05-10
AWS Audit Manager Aws::AuditManager aws-sdk-auditmanager 2017-07-25
AWS Auto Scaling Plans Aws::AutoScalingPlans aws-sdk-autoscalingplans 2018-01-06
AWS B2B Data Interchange Aws::B2bi aws-sdk-b2bi 2022-06-23
AWS Backup Aws::Backup aws-sdk-backup 2018-11-15
AWS Backup Gateway Aws::BackupGateway aws-sdk-backupgateway 2021-01-01
AWS Batch Aws::Batch aws-sdk-batch 2016-08-10
AWS Billing and Cost Management Data Exports Aws::BCMDataExports aws-sdk-bcmdataexports 2023-11-26
AWS Budgets Aws::Budgets aws-sdk-budgets 2016-10-20
AWS Certificate Manager Aws::ACM aws-sdk-acm 2015-12-08
AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority Aws::ACMPCA aws-sdk-acmpca 2017-08-22
AWS Chatbot Aws::Chatbot aws-sdk-chatbot 2017-10-11
AWS Clean Rooms ML Aws::CleanRoomsML aws-sdk-cleanroomsml 2023-09-06
AWS Clean Rooms Service Aws::CleanRooms aws-sdk-cleanrooms 2022-02-17
AWS Cloud Control API Aws::CloudControlApi aws-sdk-cloudcontrolapi 2021-09-30
AWS Cloud Map Aws::ServiceDiscovery aws-sdk-servicediscovery 2017-03-14
AWS Cloud9 Aws::Cloud9 aws-sdk-cloud9 2017-09-23
AWS CloudFormation Aws::CloudFormation aws-sdk-cloudformation 2010-05-15
AWS CloudHSM V2 Aws::CloudHSMV2 aws-sdk-cloudhsmv2 2017-04-28
AWS CloudTrail Aws::CloudTrail aws-sdk-cloudtrail 2013-11-01
AWS CloudTrail Data Service Aws::CloudTrailData aws-sdk-cloudtraildata 2021-08-11
AWS CodeBuild Aws::CodeBuild aws-sdk-codebuild 2016-10-06
AWS CodeCommit Aws::CodeCommit aws-sdk-codecommit 2015-04-13
AWS CodeConnections Aws::CodeConnections aws-sdk-codeconnections 2023-12-01
AWS CodeDeploy Aws::CodeDeploy aws-sdk-codedeploy 2014-10-06
AWS CodePipeline Aws::CodePipeline aws-sdk-codepipeline 2015-07-09
AWS CodeStar Aws::CodeStar aws-sdk-codestar 2017-04-19
AWS CodeStar Notifications Aws::CodeStarNotifications aws-sdk-codestarnotifications 2019-10-15
AWS CodeStar connections Aws::CodeStarconnections aws-sdk-codestarconnections 2019-12-01
AWS Comprehend Medical Aws::ComprehendMedical aws-sdk-comprehendmedical 2018-10-30
AWS Compute Optimizer Aws::ComputeOptimizer aws-sdk-computeoptimizer 2019-11-01
AWS Config Aws::ConfigService aws-sdk-configservice 2014-11-12
AWS Control Catalog Aws::ControlCatalog aws-sdk-controlcatalog 2018-05-10
AWS Control Tower Aws::ControlTower aws-sdk-controltower 2018-05-10
AWS Cost Explorer Service Aws::CostExplorer aws-sdk-costexplorer 2017-10-25
AWS Cost and Usage Report Service Aws::CostandUsageReportService aws-sdk-costandusagereportservice 2017-01-06
AWS Data Exchange Aws::DataExchange aws-sdk-dataexchange 2017-07-25
AWS Data Pipeline Aws::DataPipeline aws-sdk-datapipeline 2012-10-29
AWS DataSync Aws::DataSync aws-sdk-datasync 2018-11-09
AWS Database Migration Service Aws::DatabaseMigrationService aws-sdk-databasemigrationservice 2016-01-01
AWS Device Farm Aws::DeviceFarm aws-sdk-devicefarm 2015-06-23
AWS Direct Connect Aws::DirectConnect aws-sdk-directconnect 2012-10-25
AWS Directory Service Aws::DirectoryService aws-sdk-directoryservice 2015-04-16
AWS EC2 Instance Connect Aws::EC2InstanceConnect aws-sdk-ec2instanceconnect 2018-04-02
AWS Elastic Beanstalk Aws::ElasticBeanstalk aws-sdk-elasticbeanstalk 2010-12-01
AWS Elemental MediaConvert Aws::MediaConvert aws-sdk-mediaconvert 2017-08-29
AWS Elemental MediaLive Aws::MediaLive aws-sdk-medialive 2017-10-14
AWS Elemental MediaPackage Aws::MediaPackage aws-sdk-mediapackage 2017-10-12
AWS Elemental MediaPackage VOD Aws::MediaPackageVod aws-sdk-mediapackagevod 2018-11-07
AWS Elemental MediaPackage v2 Aws::MediaPackageV2 aws-sdk-mediapackagev2 2022-12-25
AWS Elemental MediaStore Aws::MediaStore aws-sdk-mediastore 2017-09-01
AWS Elemental MediaStore Data Plane Aws::MediaStoreData aws-sdk-mediastoredata 2017-09-01
AWS EntityResolution Aws::EntityResolution aws-sdk-entityresolution 2018-05-10
AWS Fault Injection Simulator Aws::FIS aws-sdk-fis 2020-12-01
AWS Free Tier Aws::FreeTier aws-sdk-freetier 2023-09-07
AWS Global Accelerator Aws::GlobalAccelerator aws-sdk-globalaccelerator 2018-08-08
AWS Glue Aws::Glue aws-sdk-glue 2017-03-31
AWS Glue DataBrew Aws::GlueDataBrew aws-sdk-gluedatabrew 2017-07-25
AWS Greengrass Aws::Greengrass aws-sdk-greengrass 2017-06-07
AWS Ground Station Aws::GroundStation aws-sdk-groundstation 2019-05-23
AWS Health APIs and Notifications Aws::Health aws-sdk-health 2016-08-04
AWS Health Imaging Aws::MedicalImaging aws-sdk-medicalimaging 2023-07-19
AWS Identity and Access Management Aws::IAM aws-sdk-iam 2010-05-08
AWS Import/Export Aws::ImportExport aws-sdk-importexport 2010-06-01
AWS IoT Aws::IoT aws-sdk-iot 2015-05-28
AWS IoT 1-Click Devices Service Aws::IoT1ClickDevicesService aws-sdk-iot1clickdevicesservice 2018-05-14
AWS IoT 1-Click Projects Service Aws::IoT1ClickProjects aws-sdk-iot1clickprojects 2018-05-14
AWS IoT Analytics Aws::IoTAnalytics aws-sdk-iotanalytics 2017-11-27
AWS IoT Core Device Advisor Aws::IoTDeviceAdvisor aws-sdk-iotdeviceadvisor 2020-09-18
AWS IoT Data Plane Aws::IoTDataPlane aws-sdk-iotdataplane 2015-05-28
AWS IoT Events Aws::IoTEvents aws-sdk-iotevents 2018-07-27
AWS IoT Events Data Aws::IoTEventsData aws-sdk-ioteventsdata 2018-10-23
AWS IoT Fleet Hub Aws::IoTFleetHub aws-sdk-iotfleethub 2020-11-03
AWS IoT FleetWise Aws::IoTFleetWise aws-sdk-iotfleetwise 2021-06-17
AWS IoT Greengrass V2 Aws::GreengrassV2 aws-sdk-greengrassv2 2020-11-30
AWS IoT Jobs Data Plane Aws::IoTJobsDataPlane aws-sdk-iotjobsdataplane 2017-09-29
AWS IoT Secure Tunneling Aws::IoTSecureTunneling aws-sdk-iotsecuretunneling 2018-10-05
AWS IoT SiteWise Aws::IoTSiteWise aws-sdk-iotsitewise 2019-12-02
AWS IoT Things Graph Aws::IoTThingsGraph aws-sdk-iotthingsgraph 2018-09-06
AWS IoT TwinMaker Aws::IoTTwinMaker aws-sdk-iottwinmaker 2021-11-29
AWS IoT Wireless Aws::IoTWireless aws-sdk-iotwireless 2020-11-22
AWS Key Management Service Aws::KMS aws-sdk-kms 2014-11-01
AWS Lake Formation Aws::LakeFormation aws-sdk-lakeformation 2017-03-31
AWS Lambda Aws::Lambda aws-sdk-lambda 2015-03-31
AWS Lambda Aws::LambdaPreview aws-sdk-lambdapreview 2014-11-11
AWS Launch Wizard Aws::LaunchWizard aws-sdk-launchwizard 2018-05-10
AWS License Manager Aws::LicenseManager aws-sdk-licensemanager 2018-08-01
AWS License Manager Linux Subscriptions Aws::LicenseManagerLinuxSubscriptions aws-sdk-licensemanagerlinuxsubscriptions 2018-05-10
AWS License Manager User Subscriptions Aws::LicenseManagerUserSubscriptions aws-sdk-licensemanagerusersubscriptions 2018-05-10
AWS Mainframe Modernization Application Testing Aws::AppTest aws-sdk-apptest 2022-12-06
AWS Marketplace Agreement Service Aws::MarketplaceAgreement aws-sdk-marketplaceagreement 2020-03-01
AWS Marketplace Catalog Service Aws::MarketplaceCatalog aws-sdk-marketplacecatalog 2018-09-17
AWS Marketplace Commerce Analytics Aws::MarketplaceCommerceAnalytics aws-sdk-marketplacecommerceanalytics 2015-07-01
AWS Marketplace Deployment Service Aws::MarketplaceDeployment aws-sdk-marketplacedeployment 2023-01-25
AWS Marketplace Entitlement Service Aws::MarketplaceEntitlementService aws-sdk-marketplaceentitlementservice 2017-01-11
AWS MediaConnect Aws::MediaConnect aws-sdk-mediaconnect 2018-11-14
AWS MediaTailor Aws::MediaTailor aws-sdk-mediatailor 2018-04-23
AWS Migration Hub Aws::MigrationHub aws-sdk-migrationhub 2017-05-31
AWS Migration Hub Config Aws::MigrationHubConfig aws-sdk-migrationhubconfig 2019-06-30
AWS Migration Hub Orchestrator Aws::MigrationHubOrchestrator aws-sdk-migrationhuborchestrator 2021-08-28
AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces Aws::MigrationHubRefactorSpaces aws-sdk-migrationhubrefactorspaces 2021-10-26
AWS Network Firewall Aws::NetworkFirewall aws-sdk-networkfirewall 2020-11-12
AWS Network Manager Aws::NetworkManager aws-sdk-networkmanager 2019-07-05
AWS OpsWorks Aws::OpsWorks aws-sdk-opsworks 2013-02-18
AWS OpsWorks CM Aws::OpsWorksCM aws-sdk-opsworkscm 2016-11-01
AWS Organizations Aws::Organizations aws-sdk-organizations 2016-11-28
AWS Outposts Aws::Outposts aws-sdk-outposts 2019-12-03
AWS Panorama Aws::Panorama aws-sdk-panorama 2019-07-24
AWS Performance Insights Aws::PI aws-sdk-pi 2018-02-27
AWS Price List Service Aws::Pricing aws-sdk-pricing 2017-10-15
AWS Private 5G Aws::PrivateNetworks aws-sdk-privatenetworks 2021-12-03
AWS Proton Aws::Proton aws-sdk-proton 2020-07-20
AWS RDS DataService Aws::RDSDataService aws-sdk-rdsdataservice 2018-08-01
AWS Resilience Hub Aws::ResilienceHub aws-sdk-resiliencehub 2020-04-30
AWS Resource Access Manager Aws::RAM aws-sdk-ram 2018-01-04
AWS Resource Explorer Aws::ResourceExplorer2 aws-sdk-resourceexplorer2 2022-07-28
AWS Resource Groups Aws::ResourceGroups aws-sdk-resourcegroups 2017-11-27
AWS Resource Groups Tagging API Aws::ResourceGroupsTaggingAPI aws-sdk-resourcegroupstaggingapi 2017-01-26
AWS RoboMaker Aws::RoboMaker aws-sdk-robomaker 2018-06-29
AWS Route53 Recovery Control Config Aws::Route53RecoveryControlConfig aws-sdk-route53recoverycontrolconfig 2020-11-02
AWS Route53 Recovery Readiness Aws::Route53RecoveryReadiness aws-sdk-route53recoveryreadiness 2019-12-02
AWS S3 Control Aws::S3Control aws-sdk-s3control 2018-08-20
AWS SSO Identity Store Aws::IdentityStore aws-sdk-identitystore 2020-06-15
AWS SSO OIDC Aws::SSOOIDC aws-sdk-core 2019-06-10
AWS Savings Plans Aws::SavingsPlans aws-sdk-savingsplans 2019-06-28
AWS Secrets Manager Aws::SecretsManager aws-sdk-secretsmanager 2017-10-17
AWS Security Token Service Aws::STS aws-sdk-core 2011-06-15
AWS SecurityHub Aws::SecurityHub aws-sdk-securityhub 2018-10-26
AWS Server Migration Service Aws::SMS aws-sdk-sms 2016-10-24
AWS Service Catalog Aws::ServiceCatalog aws-sdk-servicecatalog 2015-12-10
AWS Service Catalog App Registry Aws::AppRegistry aws-sdk-appregistry 2020-06-24
AWS Shield Aws::Shield aws-sdk-shield 2016-06-02
AWS Signer Aws::Signer aws-sdk-signer 2017-08-25
AWS SimSpace Weaver Aws::SimSpaceWeaver aws-sdk-simspaceweaver 2022-10-28
AWS Single Sign-On Aws::SSO aws-sdk-core 2019-06-10
AWS Single Sign-On Admin Aws::SSOAdmin aws-sdk-ssoadmin 2020-07-20
AWS Snow Device Management Aws::SnowDeviceManagement aws-sdk-snowdevicemanagement 2021-08-04
AWS Step Functions Aws::States aws-sdk-states 2016-11-23
AWS Storage Gateway Aws::StorageGateway aws-sdk-storagegateway 2013-06-30
AWS Supply Chain Aws::SupplyChain aws-sdk-supplychain 2024-01-01
AWS Support Aws::Support aws-sdk-support 2013-04-15
AWS Support App Aws::SupportApp aws-sdk-supportapp 2021-08-20
AWS Systems Manager Incident Manager Aws::SSMIncidents aws-sdk-ssmincidents 2018-05-10
AWS Systems Manager Incident Manager Contacts Aws::SSMContacts aws-sdk-ssmcontacts 2021-05-03
AWS Systems Manager for SAP Aws::SsmSap aws-sdk-ssmsap 2018-05-10
AWS Telco Network Builder Aws::Tnb aws-sdk-tnb 2008-10-21
AWS Transfer Family Aws::Transfer aws-sdk-transfer 2018-11-05
AWS WAF Aws::WAF aws-sdk-waf 2015-08-24
AWS WAF Regional Aws::WAFRegional aws-sdk-wafregional 2016-11-28
AWS WAFV2 Aws::WAFV2 aws-sdk-wafv2 2019-07-29
AWS Well-Architected Tool Aws::WellArchitected aws-sdk-wellarchitected 2020-03-31
AWS X-Ray Aws::XRay aws-sdk-xray 2016-04-12
AWS re:Post Private Aws::Repostspace aws-sdk-repostspace 2022-05-13
AWSBillingConductor Aws::BillingConductor aws-sdk-billingconductor 2021-07-30
AWSDeadlineCloud Aws::Deadline aws-sdk-deadline 2023-10-12
AWSKendraFrontendService Aws::Kendra aws-sdk-kendra 2019-02-03
AWSMainframeModernization Aws::MainframeModernization aws-sdk-mainframemodernization 2021-04-28
AWSMarketplace Metering Aws::MarketplaceMetering aws-sdk-marketplacemetering 2016-01-14
AWSServerlessApplicationRepository Aws::ServerlessApplicationRepository aws-sdk-serverlessapplicationrepository 2017-09-08
Access Analyzer Aws::AccessAnalyzer aws-sdk-accessanalyzer 2019-11-01
Agents for Amazon Bedrock Aws::BedrockAgent aws-sdk-bedrockagent 2023-06-05
Agents for Amazon Bedrock Runtime Aws::BedrockAgentRuntime aws-sdk-bedrockagentruntime 2023-07-26
Amazon API Gateway Aws::APIGateway aws-sdk-apigateway 2015-07-09
Amazon AppConfig Aws::AppConfig aws-sdk-appconfig 2019-10-09
Amazon AppIntegrations Service Aws::AppIntegrationsService aws-sdk-appintegrationsservice 2020-07-29
Amazon AppStream Aws::AppStream aws-sdk-appstream 2016-12-01
Amazon Appflow Aws::Appflow aws-sdk-appflow 2020-08-23
Amazon Athena Aws::Athena aws-sdk-athena 2017-05-18
Amazon Augmented AI Runtime Aws::AugmentedAIRuntime aws-sdk-augmentedairuntime 2019-11-07
Amazon Bedrock Aws::Bedrock aws-sdk-bedrock 2023-04-20
Amazon Bedrock Runtime Aws::BedrockRuntime aws-sdk-bedrockruntime 2023-09-30
Amazon Chime Aws::Chime aws-sdk-chime 2018-05-01
Amazon Chime SDK Identity Aws::ChimeSDKIdentity aws-sdk-chimesdkidentity 2021-04-20
Amazon Chime SDK Media Pipelines Aws::ChimeSDKMediaPipelines aws-sdk-chimesdkmediapipelines 2021-07-15
Amazon Chime SDK Meetings Aws::ChimeSDKMeetings aws-sdk-chimesdkmeetings 2021-07-15
Amazon Chime SDK Messaging Aws::ChimeSDKMessaging aws-sdk-chimesdkmessaging 2021-05-15
Amazon Chime SDK Voice Aws::ChimeSDKVoice aws-sdk-chimesdkvoice 2022-08-03
Amazon CloudDirectory Aws::CloudDirectory aws-sdk-clouddirectory 2017-01-11
Amazon CloudFront Aws::CloudFront aws-sdk-cloudfront 2020-05-31
Amazon CloudFront KeyValueStore Aws::CloudFrontKeyValueStore aws-sdk-cloudfrontkeyvaluestore 2022-07-26
Amazon CloudHSM Aws::CloudHSM aws-sdk-cloudhsm 2014-05-30
Amazon CloudSearch Aws::CloudSearch aws-sdk-cloudsearch 2013-01-01
Amazon CloudSearch Domain Aws::CloudSearchDomain aws-sdk-cloudsearchdomain 2013-01-01
Amazon CloudWatch Aws::CloudWatch aws-sdk-cloudwatch 2010-08-01
Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights Aws::ApplicationInsights aws-sdk-applicationinsights 2018-11-25
Amazon CloudWatch Application Signals Aws::ApplicationSignals aws-sdk-applicationsignals 2024-04-15
Amazon CloudWatch Events Aws::CloudWatchEvents aws-sdk-cloudwatchevents 2015-10-07
Amazon CloudWatch Evidently Aws::CloudWatchEvidently aws-sdk-cloudwatchevidently 2021-02-01
Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor Aws::InternetMonitor aws-sdk-internetmonitor 2021-06-03
Amazon CloudWatch Logs Aws::CloudWatchLogs aws-sdk-cloudwatchlogs 2014-03-28
Amazon CloudWatch Network Monitor Aws::NetworkMonitor aws-sdk-networkmonitor 2023-08-01
Amazon CodeCatalyst Aws::CodeCatalyst aws-sdk-codecatalyst 2022-09-28
Amazon CodeGuru Profiler Aws::CodeGuruProfiler aws-sdk-codeguruprofiler 2019-07-18
Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer Aws::CodeGuruReviewer aws-sdk-codegurureviewer 2019-09-19
Amazon CodeGuru Security Aws::CodeGuruSecurity aws-sdk-codegurusecurity 2018-05-10
Amazon Cognito Identity Aws::CognitoIdentity aws-sdk-cognitoidentity 2014-06-30
Amazon Cognito Identity Provider Aws::CognitoIdentityProvider aws-sdk-cognitoidentityprovider 2016-04-18
Amazon Cognito Sync Aws::CognitoSync aws-sdk-cognitosync 2014-06-30
Amazon Comprehend Aws::Comprehend aws-sdk-comprehend 2017-11-27
Amazon Connect Cases Aws::ConnectCases aws-sdk-connectcases 2022-10-03
Amazon Connect Contact Lens Aws::ConnectContactLens aws-sdk-connectcontactlens 2020-08-21
Amazon Connect Customer Profiles Aws::CustomerProfiles aws-sdk-customerprofiles 2020-08-15
Amazon Connect Participant Service Aws::ConnectParticipant aws-sdk-connectparticipant 2018-09-07
Amazon Connect Service Aws::Connect aws-sdk-connect 2017-08-08
Amazon Connect Wisdom Service Aws::ConnectWisdomService aws-sdk-connectwisdomservice 2020-10-19
Amazon Data Lifecycle Manager Aws::DLM aws-sdk-dlm 2018-01-12
Amazon DataZone Aws::DataZone aws-sdk-datazone 2018-05-10
Amazon Detective Aws::Detective aws-sdk-detective 2018-10-26
Amazon DevOps Guru Aws::DevOpsGuru aws-sdk-devopsguru 2020-12-01
Amazon DocumentDB Elastic Clusters Aws::DocDBElastic aws-sdk-docdbelastic 2022-11-28
Amazon DocumentDB with MongoDB compatibility Aws::DocDB aws-sdk-docdb 2014-10-31
Amazon DynamoDB Aws::DynamoDB aws-sdk-dynamodb 2012-08-10
Amazon DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) Aws::DAX aws-sdk-dax 2017-04-19
Amazon DynamoDB Streams Aws::DynamoDBStreams aws-sdk-dynamodbstreams 2012-08-10
Amazon EC2 Container Registry Aws::ECR aws-sdk-ecr 2015-09-21
Amazon EC2 Container Service Aws::ECS aws-sdk-ecs 2014-11-13
Amazon EKS Auth Aws::EKSAuth aws-sdk-eksauth 2023-11-26
Amazon EMR Aws::EMR aws-sdk-emr 2009-03-31
Amazon EMR Containers Aws::EMRContainers aws-sdk-emrcontainers 2020-10-01
Amazon ElastiCache Aws::ElastiCache aws-sdk-elasticache 2015-02-02
Amazon Elastic Inference Aws::ElasticInference aws-sdk-elasticinference 2017-07-25
Amazon Elastic Block Store Aws::EBS aws-sdk-ebs 2019-11-02
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Aws::EC2 aws-sdk-ec2 2016-11-15
Amazon Elastic Container Registry Public Aws::ECRPublic aws-sdk-ecrpublic 2020-10-30
Amazon Elastic File System Aws::EFS aws-sdk-efs 2015-02-01
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service Aws::EKS aws-sdk-eks 2017-11-01
Amazon Elastic Transcoder Aws::ElasticTranscoder aws-sdk-elastictranscoder 2012-09-25
Amazon Elasticsearch Service Aws::ElasticsearchService aws-sdk-elasticsearchservice 2015-01-01
Amazon EventBridge Aws::EventBridge aws-sdk-eventbridge 2015-10-07
Amazon EventBridge Pipes Aws::Pipes aws-sdk-pipes 2015-10-07
Amazon EventBridge Scheduler Aws::Scheduler aws-sdk-scheduler 2021-06-30
Amazon FSx Aws::FSx aws-sdk-fsx 2018-03-01
Amazon Forecast Query Service Aws::ForecastQueryService aws-sdk-forecastqueryservice 2018-06-26
Amazon Forecast Service Aws::ForecastService aws-sdk-forecastservice 2018-06-26
Amazon Fraud Detector Aws::FraudDetector aws-sdk-frauddetector 2019-11-15
Amazon GameLift Aws::GameLift aws-sdk-gamelift 2015-10-01
Amazon Glacier Aws::Glacier aws-sdk-glacier 2012-06-01
Amazon GuardDuty Aws::GuardDuty aws-sdk-guardduty 2017-11-28
Amazon HealthLake Aws::HealthLake aws-sdk-healthlake 2017-07-01
Amazon Import/Export Snowball Aws::Snowball aws-sdk-snowball 2016-06-30
Amazon Inspector Aws::Inspector aws-sdk-inspector 2016-02-16
Amazon Interactive Video Service Aws::IVS aws-sdk-ivs 2020-07-14
Amazon Interactive Video Service Chat Aws::Ivschat aws-sdk-ivschat 2020-07-14
Amazon Interactive Video Service RealTime Aws::IVSRealTime aws-sdk-ivsrealtime 2020-07-14
Amazon Kendra Intelligent Ranking Aws::KendraRanking aws-sdk-kendraranking 2022-10-19
Amazon Keyspaces Aws::Keyspaces aws-sdk-keyspaces 2022-02-10
Amazon Kinesis Aws::Kinesis aws-sdk-kinesis 2013-12-02
Amazon Kinesis Analytics Aws::KinesisAnalytics aws-sdk-kinesisanalytics 2015-08-14
Amazon Kinesis Analytics Aws::KinesisAnalyticsV2 aws-sdk-kinesisanalyticsv2 2018-05-23
Amazon Kinesis Firehose Aws::Firehose aws-sdk-firehose 2015-08-04
Amazon Kinesis Video Signaling Channels Aws::KinesisVideoSignalingChannels aws-sdk-kinesisvideosignalingchannels 2019-12-04
Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Aws::KinesisVideo aws-sdk-kinesisvideo 2017-09-30
Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Archived Media Aws::KinesisVideoArchivedMedia aws-sdk-kinesisvideoarchivedmedia 2017-09-30
Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Media Aws::KinesisVideoMedia aws-sdk-kinesisvideomedia 2017-09-30
Amazon Kinesis Video WebRTC Storage Aws::KinesisVideoWebRTCStorage aws-sdk-kinesisvideowebrtcstorage 2018-05-10
Amazon Lex Model Building Service Aws::LexModelBuildingService aws-sdk-lexmodelbuildingservice 2017-04-19
Amazon Lex Model Building V2 Aws::LexModelsV2 aws-sdk-lexmodelsv2 2020-08-07
Amazon Lex Runtime Service Aws::Lex aws-sdk-lex 2016-11-28
Amazon Lex Runtime V2 Aws::LexRuntimeV2 aws-sdk-lexruntimev2 2020-08-07
Amazon Lightsail Aws::Lightsail aws-sdk-lightsail 2016-11-28
Amazon Location Service Aws::LocationService aws-sdk-locationservice 2020-11-19
Amazon Lookout for Equipment Aws::LookoutEquipment aws-sdk-lookoutequipment 2020-12-15
Amazon Lookout for Metrics Aws::LookoutMetrics aws-sdk-lookoutmetrics 2017-07-25
Amazon Lookout for Vision Aws::LookoutforVision aws-sdk-lookoutforvision 2020-11-20
Amazon Machine Learning Aws::MachineLearning aws-sdk-machinelearning 2014-12-12
Amazon Macie 2 Aws::Macie2 aws-sdk-macie2 2020-01-01
Amazon Managed Blockchain Aws::ManagedBlockchain aws-sdk-managedblockchain 2018-09-24
Amazon Managed Blockchain Query Aws::ManagedBlockchainQuery aws-sdk-managedblockchainquery 2023-05-04
Amazon Managed Grafana Aws::ManagedGrafana aws-sdk-managedgrafana 2020-08-18
Amazon Mechanical Turk Aws::MTurk aws-sdk-mturk 2017-01-17
Amazon MemoryDB Aws::MemoryDB aws-sdk-memorydb 2021-01-01
Amazon Neptune Aws::Neptune aws-sdk-neptune 2014-10-31
Amazon Neptune Graph Aws::NeptuneGraph aws-sdk-neptunegraph 2023-11-29
Amazon NeptuneData Aws::Neptunedata aws-sdk-neptunedata 2023-08-01
Amazon Omics Aws::Omics aws-sdk-omics 2022-11-28
Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion Aws::OSIS aws-sdk-osis 2022-01-01
Amazon OpenSearch Service Aws::OpenSearchService aws-sdk-opensearchservice 2021-01-01
Amazon Personalize Aws::Personalize aws-sdk-personalize 2018-05-22
Amazon Personalize Events Aws::PersonalizeEvents aws-sdk-personalizeevents 2018-03-22
Amazon Personalize Runtime Aws::PersonalizeRuntime aws-sdk-personalizeruntime 2018-05-22
Amazon Pinpoint Aws::Pinpoint aws-sdk-pinpoint 2016-12-01
Amazon Pinpoint Email Service Aws::PinpointEmail aws-sdk-pinpointemail 2018-07-26
Amazon Pinpoint SMS Voice V2 Aws::PinpointSMSVoiceV2 aws-sdk-pinpointsmsvoicev2 2022-03-31
Amazon Pinpoint SMS and Voice Service Aws::PinpointSMSVoice aws-sdk-pinpointsmsvoice 2018-09-05
Amazon Polly Aws::Polly aws-sdk-polly 2016-06-10
Amazon Prometheus Service Aws::PrometheusService aws-sdk-prometheusservice 2020-08-01
Amazon Q Connect Aws::QConnect aws-sdk-qconnect 2020-10-19
Amazon QLDB Aws::QLDB aws-sdk-qldb 2019-01-02
Amazon QLDB Session Aws::QLDBSession aws-sdk-qldbsession 2019-07-11
Amazon QuickSight Aws::QuickSight aws-sdk-quicksight 2018-04-01
Amazon Recycle Bin Aws::RecycleBin aws-sdk-recyclebin 2021-06-15
Amazon Redshift Aws::Redshift aws-sdk-redshift 2012-12-01
Amazon Rekognition Aws::Rekognition aws-sdk-rekognition 2016-06-27
Amazon Relational Database Service Aws::RDS aws-sdk-rds 2014-10-31
Amazon Route 53 Aws::Route53 aws-sdk-route53 2013-04-01
Amazon Route 53 Domains Aws::Route53Domains aws-sdk-route53domains 2014-05-15
Amazon Route 53 Resolver Aws::Route53Resolver aws-sdk-route53resolver 2018-04-01
Amazon S3 on Outposts Aws::S3Outposts aws-sdk-s3outposts 2017-07-25
Amazon SageMaker Feature Store Runtime Aws::SageMakerFeatureStoreRuntime aws-sdk-sagemakerfeaturestoreruntime 2020-07-01
Amazon SageMaker Metrics Service Aws::SageMakerMetrics aws-sdk-sagemakermetrics 2022-09-30
Amazon SageMaker Runtime Aws::SageMakerRuntime aws-sdk-sagemakerruntime 2017-05-13
Amazon SageMaker Service Aws::SageMaker aws-sdk-sagemaker 2017-07-24
Amazon SageMaker geospatial capabilities Aws::SageMakerGeospatial aws-sdk-sagemakergeospatial 2020-05-27
Amazon Sagemaker Edge Manager Aws::SagemakerEdgeManager aws-sdk-sagemakeredgemanager 2020-09-23
Amazon Security Lake Aws::SecurityLake aws-sdk-securitylake 2018-05-10
Amazon Simple Email Service Aws::SES aws-sdk-ses 2010-12-01
Amazon Simple Email Service Aws::SESV2 aws-sdk-sesv2 2019-09-27
Amazon Simple Notification Service Aws::SNS aws-sdk-sns 2010-03-31
Amazon Simple Queue Service Aws::SQS aws-sdk-sqs 2012-11-05
Amazon Simple Storage Service Aws::S3 aws-sdk-s3 2006-03-01
Amazon Simple Systems Manager (SSM) Aws::SSM aws-sdk-ssm 2014-11-06
Amazon Simple Workflow Service Aws::SWF aws-sdk-swf 2012-01-25
Amazon SimpleDB Aws::SimpleDB aws-sdk-simpledb 2009-04-15
Amazon Textract Aws::Textract aws-sdk-textract 2018-06-27
Amazon Timestream Query Aws::TimestreamQuery aws-sdk-timestreamquery 2018-11-01
Amazon Timestream Write Aws::TimestreamWrite aws-sdk-timestreamwrite 2018-11-01
Amazon Transcribe Service Aws::TranscribeService aws-sdk-transcribeservice 2017-10-26
Amazon Transcribe Streaming Service Aws::TranscribeStreamingService aws-sdk-transcribestreamingservice 2017-10-26
Amazon Translate Aws::Translate aws-sdk-translate 2017-07-01
Amazon VPC Lattice Aws::VPCLattice aws-sdk-vpclattice 2022-11-30
Amazon Verified Permissions Aws::VerifiedPermissions aws-sdk-verifiedpermissions 2021-12-01
Amazon Voice ID Aws::VoiceID aws-sdk-voiceid 2021-09-27
Amazon WorkDocs Aws::WorkDocs aws-sdk-workdocs 2016-05-01
Amazon WorkLink Aws::WorkLink aws-sdk-worklink 2018-09-25
Amazon WorkMail Aws::WorkMail aws-sdk-workmail 2017-10-01
Amazon WorkMail Message Flow Aws::WorkMailMessageFlow aws-sdk-workmailmessageflow 2019-05-01
Amazon WorkSpaces Aws::WorkSpaces aws-sdk-workspaces 2015-04-08
Amazon WorkSpaces Thin Client Aws::WorkSpacesThinClient aws-sdk-workspacesthinclient 2023-08-22
Amazon WorkSpaces Web Aws::WorkSpacesWeb aws-sdk-workspacesweb 2020-07-08
AmazonApiGatewayManagementApi Aws::ApiGatewayManagementApi aws-sdk-apigatewaymanagementapi 2018-11-29
AmazonApiGatewayV2 Aws::ApiGatewayV2 aws-sdk-apigatewayv2 2018-11-29
AmazonConnectCampaignService Aws::ConnectCampaignService aws-sdk-connectcampaignservice 2021-01-30
AmazonMQ Aws::MQ aws-sdk-mq 2017-11-27
AmazonMWAA Aws::MWAA aws-sdk-mwaa 2020-07-01
AmazonNimbleStudio Aws::NimbleStudio aws-sdk-nimblestudio 2020-08-01
AmplifyBackend Aws::AmplifyBackend aws-sdk-amplifybackend 2020-08-11
AppFabric Aws::AppFabric aws-sdk-appfabric 2023-05-19
Application Auto Scaling Aws::ApplicationAutoScaling aws-sdk-applicationautoscaling 2016-02-06
Application Migration Service Aws::Mgn aws-sdk-mgn 2020-02-26
Auto Scaling Aws::AutoScaling aws-sdk-autoscaling 2011-01-01
Braket Aws::Braket aws-sdk-braket 2019-09-01
CloudWatch Observability Access Manager Aws::OAM aws-sdk-oam 2022-06-10
CloudWatch RUM Aws::CloudWatchRUM aws-sdk-cloudwatchrum 2018-05-10
CodeArtifact Aws::CodeArtifact aws-sdk-codeartifact 2018-09-22
Cost Optimization Hub Aws::CostOptimizationHub aws-sdk-costoptimizationhub 2022-07-26
EC2 Image Builder Aws::Imagebuilder aws-sdk-imagebuilder 2019-12-02
EMR Serverless Aws::EMRServerless aws-sdk-emrserverless 2021-07-13
Elastic Disaster Recovery Service Aws::Drs aws-sdk-drs 2020-02-26
Elastic Load Balancing Aws::ElasticLoadBalancing aws-sdk-elasticloadbalancing 2012-06-01
Elastic Load Balancing Aws::ElasticLoadBalancingV2 aws-sdk-elasticloadbalancingv2 2015-12-01
FinSpace Public API Aws::FinSpaceData aws-sdk-finspacedata 2020-07-13
FinSpace User Environment Management service Aws::Finspace aws-sdk-finspace 2021-03-12
Firewall Management Service Aws::FMS aws-sdk-fms 2018-01-01
IAM Roles Anywhere Aws::RolesAnywhere aws-sdk-rolesanywhere 2018-05-10
Inspector Scan Aws::InspectorScan aws-sdk-inspectorscan 2023-08-08
Inspector2 Aws::Inspector2 aws-sdk-inspector2 2020-06-08
MailManager Aws::MailManager aws-sdk-mailmanager 2023-10-17
Managed Streaming for Kafka Aws::Kafka aws-sdk-kafka 2018-11-14
Managed Streaming for Kafka Connect Aws::KafkaConnect aws-sdk-kafkaconnect 2021-09-14
Migration Hub Strategy Recommendations Aws::MigrationHubStrategyRecommendations aws-sdk-migrationhubstrategyrecommendations 2020-02-19
OpenSearch Service Serverless Aws::OpenSearchServerless aws-sdk-opensearchserverless 2021-11-01
Payment Cryptography Control Plane Aws::PaymentCryptography aws-sdk-paymentcryptography 2021-09-14
Payment Cryptography Data Plane Aws::PaymentCryptographyData aws-sdk-paymentcryptographydata 2022-02-03
PcaConnectorAd Aws::PcaConnectorAd aws-sdk-pcaconnectorad 2018-05-10
Private CA Connector for SCEP Aws::PcaConnectorScep aws-sdk-pcaconnectorscep 2018-05-10
QApps Aws::QApps aws-sdk-qapps 2023-11-27
QBusiness Aws::QBusiness aws-sdk-qbusiness 2023-11-27
Redshift Data API Service Aws::RedshiftDataAPIService aws-sdk-redshiftdataapiservice 2019-12-20
Redshift Serverless Aws::RedshiftServerless aws-sdk-redshiftserverless 2021-04-21
Route 53 Profiles Aws::Route53Profiles aws-sdk-route53profiles 2018-05-10
Route53 Recovery Cluster Aws::Route53RecoveryCluster aws-sdk-route53recoverycluster 2019-12-02
Schemas Aws::Schemas aws-sdk-schemas 2019-12-02
Service Quotas Aws::ServiceQuotas aws-sdk-servicequotas 2019-06-24
Synthetics Aws::Synthetics aws-sdk-synthetics 2017-10-11
Tax Settings Aws::TaxSettings aws-sdk-taxsettings 2018-05-10
Timestream InfluxDB Aws::TimestreamInfluxDB aws-sdk-timestreaminfluxdb 2023-01-27
TrustedAdvisor Public API Aws::TrustedAdvisor aws-sdk-trustedadvisor 2022-09-15


This library is distributed under the Apache License, version 2.0

copyright 2013. amazon web services, inc. all rights reserved.

licensed under the apache license, version 2.0 (the "license");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the license.
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