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Rails 3 plugin using Google's Safe Browsing API for url lookup against Malware and Phishing blacklists. Implementation includes storing and updating locally stored shavar lists and url lookup methods.
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Google Safe Browsing Gem

This gem allows easy Google Safe Browsing APIv2 usage with optional integration into Rails 3 apps.

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It includes:

  • a migration generator for database schema
  • method to update hash database
  • method to lookup a url
  • rake tasks to update hash database
  • Autonomous updating via Resque and Resque Scheduler (optional)
  • Message Authentication Codes (optional; on by default)


Install the gem

gem install google_safe_browsing

Or add it to your Gemfile



gem 'google_safe_browsing'

Then, generate the migration and run it

$ rails generate google_safe_browsing:install
    create db/migrate/20120227143535_create_google_safe_browsing_tables.rb
$ rake db:migrate

Add your Google Safe Browsing API key to congif/application.rb You can get a key from the Google Safe Browsing website



config.google_safe_browsing.api_key = 'MySuperAwesomeKey5124'

Rake Tasks

You can run an update manually

$ rake google_safe_browsing:update

Note: The full database is not guaranteed to be returned after a single update. In fact, you aren't likely to have the full database even after several updates. You will know that you have the full database when an update does not return any new Add or Sub Shavars.

Or, if you have Resque and Resque Scheduler set up, you can run an update and automatically schedule another update based on the 'next polling interval' parameter from the API

$ rake google_safe_browsing:update_and_reschedule


To programatically run an update in your app


Note: This can take a while, especially when first seeding your database. I wouldn't recommend calling this in a controller for a normal page request.

To check a url for badness


The url string parameter does not have to be any specific format or Canonicalization the Google Safe Browsing gem will handle all of that for you. Please report any errors from a weirdly formatted url though. I most likely have missed some cases.

The lookup method returns a string ( either 'malware' or 'phishing' ) for the name of the black list which the url appears on, or nil if the url is not on Google's list.


We've already had some great contributors. If you'd like to join us, we'd love to have you. When contributing please

  1. Fork the repo
  2. Start a topic branch.
  3. Write awesome code!
    1. Please break your commits into logical units.
    2. Please add specs when necessary.
  4. Open a Pull Request
  5. Make sure Travis CI builds the PR successfully.
  6. See your awesomeness merged in!

Running specs

We use Rspec for unit testing. You can run the specs with the following command:

bundle exec rake

Or individual specs/files:

bundle exec rspec spec/chunk_helper_spec.rb:10

Thanks for helping us make browsing safer!

More information

Google Safe Browsing API Reference


The interface of this gem is based upon these two gems, which are based on Safe Browsing v1 API: and

Thank you for using this gem! Please report any bugs or issues.