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Inventory-Rake-Tasks-YARD Inventory-Rake-Tasks-YARD provides Rake¹ tasks for YARD² using your Inventory³. ¹ See ² See ³ See § Installation Install Inventory-Rake-Tasks-YARD with % gem install inventory-rake-tasks-yard § Usage Include the following code in your ‹Rakefile› (assuming that you’ve already set up Inventory-Rake¹: Inventory::Rake::Tasks.unless_installing_dependencies do require 'inventory-rake-tasks-yard-1.0' end This’ll define the following tasks: = .yardopts (file). = Create .yardopts file; depends on the file defining this task and Rakefile. = html. = Generate documentation in HTML format for all lib files in the inventory; depends on .yardopts file. ‹Inventory::Rake::Tasks::YARD› takes a couple of options, but the ones you might want to adjust are = :options. = The options to pass to YARD; will be passed to `Shellwords.shelljoin`. = :globals. = The globals to pass to YARD. = :files. = The files to process; mainly used if you want to add additional files to process beyond the lib files in the inventory. The options passed to YARD will be augmented with any options you list in a file named ‹.yardopts.task›, where ‹task› is the name of the Rake task invoking YARD, for example, ‹.yardopts.html› for the default HTML-generating task. You can use this to add options that are local to your installation and should thus not be listed in the Rakefile itself. See the {API documentation}² for more information. ¹ See ² See § Financing Currently, most of my time is spent at my day job and in my rather busy private life. Please motivate me to spend time on this piece of software by donating some of your money to this project. Yeah, I realize that requesting money to develop software is a bit, well, capitalistic of me. But please realize that I live in a capitalistic society and I need money to have other people give me the things that I need to continue living under the rules of said society. So, if you feel that this piece of software has helped you out enough to warrant a reward, please PayPal a donation to now@disu.se¹. Thanks! Your support won’t go unnoticed! ¹ Send a donation: § Reporting Bugs Please report any bugs that you encounter to the {issue tracker}¹. ¹ See § Authors Nikolai Weibull wrote the code, the tests, the manual pages, and this README. § Licensing Inventory-Rake-Tasks-YARD is free software: you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the {GNU Lesser General Public License, version 3}¹ or later², as published by the {Free Software Foundation}³. ¹ See ² See ³ See



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