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A long-lived project that still receives updates
== Ocean Ocean is an application template and an architecture for creating server-oriented architectures (SOAs) in the cloud. Ocean is a complete and extremely scalable back end solution for RESTful JSON web services and web applications, featuring aggressive caching and full HTTP client abstraction. Ocean fully implements HATEOAS principles, allowing the programming object model to move fully out onto the net, while maintaining a very high degree of decoupling. Ocean is also a development, staging and deployment pipeline featuring continuous integration and testing in a TDD and/or BDD environment. Ocean can be used for continuous deployment or for scheduled releases. Front end tests are run in parallel using a matrix of operating systems and browser types. The pipeline can very easily be extended with new development branches and quality assurance environments with automatic testing and deployment. Together, Ocean allows you to code front end clients completely independently of browser type and OS, and back end code completely agnostic of whether it is called by a client browser or another server system.