Allows customization of: * Specify which level of notification you would like with an array of optional styles of notification (email, webhooks) * the sender address of the email * the recipient addresses * the text used to prefix the subject line * the HTTP status codes to notify for * the error classes to send emails for * alternatively, the error classes to not notify for * whether to send error emails or just render without sending anything * the HTTP status and status code that gets rendered with specific errors * the view path to the error page templates * custom errors, with custom error templates * define error layouts at application or controller level, or use the controller's own default layout, or no layout at all * get error notification for errors that occur in the console, using notifiable method * Override the gem's handling and rendering with explicit rescue statements inline. * Hooks into `git blame` output so you can get an idea of who (may) have introduced the bug * Hooks into other website services (e.g. you can send exceptions to to * Can notify of errors occurring in any class/method using notifiable { method } * Can notify of errors in Rake tasks using instead of task * Works with Hoptoad Notifier, so you can notify via SEN and/or Hoptoad for any particular errors. * Tested with Rails 2.3.x, should work with rails 2.2.x, and is apparently not yet compatible with rails 3.

Rubygem super_exception_notifier

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2009-10-22 07:00:00 UTC
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